My Academic smart Goal

S. I want to make the honor roll in grades 10, 11 and 12, by the time I graduate.

M. I would know I am on the right path by keeping track of the tests and assignments I have done. If I have gotten 80% or above on all my tests and assignments, I will know that I made the honor roll.

A. For me to make honor roll in grades 10, 11 and 12, I will get 80% or above on all my tests and assignments. For me to do that, I will not procrastinate on studying for my quizzes and tests. I will use my time wisely to finish assignments, so I can get feedback from my peers and my teacher. For my final exams I will look over all the notes I have taken during the course, to help me get an 80% or above in my exams. I will start participating in class more and ask questions when I am confused about certain things in class. Another thing I can do is getting help from outside, tutoring would be really helpful.

R. This goal is realistic because to get accepted in a good university you need to have good grades in high school. As long as I am doing well in all my tests and assignments I will know that I will get into a good university.

T. I want to achieve this goal before graduating from high school. After graduating with honors I would be able to achieve my life time goal of having a good job.

My volunteering SMART goal

S. I want to have 100 volunteer hours by the end of high school

M. I can track my goal by recording the hours I have spent volunteering. I can add all the hours I have completed and then know how many are left to finish, in the amount of time left.

A. To complete 100 volunteer hours by he time I graduate from high school, I should find places where volunteering is needed and contact them so I can start volunteering at the place. When I have nothing planed for a day besides staying at home I can volunteer to get my hours. I can look for opportunities in school to volunteer by listening to the announcements in the morning, or asking teachers for help.

R. This goal is realistic, I have done 50 volunteer hours in 2 years and I still have 2 years left to reach my goal of completing 100 hours. If I am doing everything I can to finish my goal I will be able to complete 100 volunteer hours.

T. I want to complete this goal by the end of grade 12. 100 volunteer hours will look great on my resume and my applications to the university I will apply to.

Preparing for Transition and Changes

Preparing for Transitions and Changes



36 Ryecroft cres

Brampton, ON

L6R 0M8





With strong literacy skills, volunteer and work experience, and the motive to be employed in a challenging company that values and engages workers.


University of Toronto

Toronto, ON

Master of Law

September 2021 - May 2025

University of Toronto

Toronto, ON

Juris Doctor (J.D.)

September 2018 - June 2021

Louise Arbour Secondary School

Brampton, ON

Ontario High School Diploma

September 2014 - June 2018


Balaji Inc.

Brampton, ON


July 2011 - Present

  • Greet costumers
  • Dispense the right amnount of change
  • Scan items and bag items correctly
  • Dealing with refunds and exchange
  • Issue reseipts
  • Clean up work area


Cross Country

September 2015 - Present


October 2014 - Present

· ROPSAA Silver Medalist -2016

· Qualified for OFSAA Wrestling 2016


Matmen Brampton, ON

Record Keeper for wrestling tournament

February 2015 - April 2015

  • Adding the right amount of points to the scoreboad
  • Paying attention to the referee

Lougheed Middle School Brampton, ON

Lougheed Middle School Volunteer

January 2015 - February 2015

  • Marking tests, quizzes and assignments
  • Organize papers for the teacher
  • Help students with questions
  • Decorate and clean classrooms


· Computer skill. Operate Microsoft Word, Excel and Photoshop

· Time Management

· CPR Level C Certified

· Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)

· Ability to work under pressure


High School Honor Roll

September 2015


Level C CPR

January 2015


· Traveling to other countries

· Reading


Greg Cappuccitti, Coach, Matmen, (519) 571-7215

Ms. Laylor, Teacher, Lougheed Middle School, (905) 789-8751

Disadvantages of a Lawyer

The profession I am thinking of perusing in the future is a lawyer. Lawyers have many advantages, but there are many disadvantages as well. To start off, health problems like vicarious trauma is a very common problem for lawyers. Vicarious trauma is when the trauma a client is facing is transferred to lawyer by listening or seeing to your clients problems. Some examples of common problems include; broken marriage, child abuse, failing business, or injured or dead bodies. Lawyers start to immerse in the pain of the world, they start to see the world is way more dangerous than it seems. To overcome vicarious trauma they are many solutions. One of the most important solution is to separate your business life from your personal life. Other solutions are to take care of yourself and make time for yourself. Healthy eating, physical activities, and getting enough sleep is very important to keep your brain healthy so it would not be affected by this trauma. Also, take a break, meditating is a good way to let go of things and spend time with friends and family will take your mind off of things. If things are very serious then to seek professional help is important, like going to therapy.

Another disadvantage is time management. Time management is a very big challenge for lawyers. Lawyers have a lot of work and tasks to complete in a period of time, and for them to complete their task, there is a lot of time required. All cases have deadlines but what can stop lawyers to win their case, is time. Lawyers think they would have enough time to complete the case but the truth is that time flies so quickly they lose track of time. Lawyers sometimes work more than 50 hours a week, which is more than the average working person. There are many ways to manage your time correctly. Make a list of the things are needed to be done first, do the tasks that have closer deadlines. Separate yourself from distractions and focus on finishing one task at a time. Also, say no to plans being made, so you can have more time to complete your work.

Lastly, another disadvantage is competition, many lawyers are competing to become the best lawyer in the city. There are many lawyers in the field of law, and more people are beginning to practice law and become lawyers. Many clients go to lawyers who have a good name in their field. They also go to more experienced lawyers so they have more confidence that they will be able to win their case. To be the best in the field it is good to attract all sorts of people, rich and poor. Also to start of having more clients brainstorm good prices that everyone will be able to afford. To start a career in the law industry, accepting small clients are important because you will get the experience.