Everybody is going, why not you!

We Have Food

Do you and your family like to eat? Well down in Texas you can hunt deer, geese, turkey, gather berries, nuts, grains, fresh vegetables, and corn. You can even make a dog house so you can have salt, sugar, and syrup. If you want to spend a nice evening with your family, you can take then fishing in a lake.

What About The Childeren?

Do not worry, there will be a lot of other children so then your own will not feel left out. Most of the children will be educated by their parents, but a few will attend a formal class.

Where You Can Live

In Texas we have a lot of open land so you can go build yourself a log cabin and a dog house! Do not worry, the land is super cheap, it is 12.5 cents per acre. Keep in mind that if you are a farmer you can receive one labor, or 177 acres. If you are someone that raises cattle you con obtain a sitio, or a square league of 4,428 acres.

What You Must Do


  • Be Catholic or agree to become Catholic
  • Speak Spanish
  • Be in good character

Home Sweet Home

Texas is a land that is waiting on you. The soil if fertile, good climate, healthy people, railroads, job opportunities, and cheap land. Texas it the home for you!