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Second Quarter, 2019-20; CSI Goal Area 2, Obj.3, Int.2

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Have you created your EL Scorecard in Eduskills? It is mandatory that all classroom teachers have their EL student's ELAPs on file and have easy access to them. If you have not created your EL Scorecard you may use the slides below as a step by step tutorial. Contact Mrs. Hime for assistance.

Eduskills Reminders

Once your EL students have been added into your Eduskills Scorecard you should be able to see the following:

Under tests; WIDA, OSTP, NRT(STAR) scores

Graph of several years progress in all domains (Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening)

Insight tab: Recommended Modifications (classroom) and Accommodations (OSTP and WIDA)

Goals: set according to WIDA proficiency level

Follow the CAN Do Descriptors link for an explanation of what the EL student "Can Do" according to their WIDA proficiency level. This should assist you when differentiating also.

EL Testing Accommodation Reminder

In order for your EL students to have testing accommodations on the OSTP they must be having those accommodations on a regular basis in your classroom, and documented in your lesson plans.

EL "PD in your PJs"

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