McKinley Mustang Newsletter

March 25th

A Note From Your Principal

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you all for your patience in this challenging time. I appreciate your flexibility and understanding. The kindness that many of you have shown is truly appreciated by our staff. For all of those in "essential roles" thank you for all that you are doing to keep our community safe. The McKinley family is an important support to all of us to be there for each other.

The McKinley staff is working very hard to organize and plan a distant learning curriculum for your students. There will be a blend of physical materials, online assignments, videos, calls, and emails coming. You might see all of these or just a few. As we approach our first attempt at remote learning/teaching please keep the following in mind.

* If you are having a hard time with schedules that's ok. We have time to change things and make them work.

* The teachers are working on addressing grade-level standards and not every teacher's approach will look exactly the same.

*My door ( computer) is always open. Please communicate with me or teachers if you need anything.

*These lessons are designed to keep your students learning their grade-level standards.

The teachers will communicate with you how they would like students to demonstrate the completion of the assigned work. Please keep in mind your participation and completion of work lets us know that your student is "present" at school.

Thank you for all of your support. Look for fun virtual school-wide activities, assemblies. In motion and projects brought to you by yours truly. Miss you all Mustangs,


Mrs. Larson

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Thursday, March 26 Material Pick-Up

This Thursday, March 26th we will be passing out classroom materials that your students will need in the upcoming week(s). This is for TK- 3 grades.

4th - 8th grade will have guidance from their teacher whether they need to come or not.

We will implement a drive-through system in our normal car drop off/pick up zone so that you can drive by and pick up a paper bag with your student's materials. In order to limit the number of people coming by at once, we have broken up the school into 4 groups based on last names. Here is the pickup schedule for this Thursday, March 26th:

  • 9:00 am-10:00 am: Last Names A-G

  • 10:15 am 11:15 am: Last Names H-N

  • 11:30 am- 12:30 pm: Last Names O-U

  • 12:45pm- 1:45pm: Last Names V-Z

If you are unable to come during your assigned time slot, you can come by on Friday. If you are unable to come to any, please email us at and we can find a time for you to come by to pick up your student's bag.

If you do have a vehicle, please drive to this pickup. Our goal is to keep folks from congregating in groups on and near campus. Thank you!