Camp David Accords

Carter's Foreign Policy

Bringing together Israeli prime minister and Egyptian president

President Jimmy Carter worked very hard on easing tensions in the Middle East. Two main people that President Carter wanted to bring together was the Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin. This was because Egypt and Israel were not peaceful towards each other, and Carter wanted to change this.

Camp David, Maryland

Camp David was a presidential retreat in Maryland. This was the place that President Carter invited both Anwar el-Sadat and Menachem Begin to mend ties from before.

the camp david accords

The actual accords were a peace agreement that each of the leaders signed 13 days of meetings at Camp David. It established a framework for a historic peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

my opinions

I think that this was a very good way of creating allies throughout the middle east. It showed other countries that we were still powerful enough to bring two countries that previously were not peaceful with each other. It also showed American citizens that Carter was able to be a good president and was capable of mending relations with other countries.