What weaponry did the Ninjas use


Shuko is a claw like weapon attached to your feet and hands,that ninjas used to climb objects such as trees or walls. It also can be used as a weapon by clawing the victim multiple times.

Bow {Long and Short}

Long and short bows where used by ninjas as well as samurais. some of the arrows that where used in combat contained poison just in case the arrow didn't kill the victim the first time eventually the poison would kill them.


These ring type weapons are used by sneaking up on the victim and impaling him in the neck. When the ring is injected into the skin it then will release poison and kill the victim quickly and it is not as messy as a sword.


The Kusari-Gama is a chain with a sickle {Short scythe} at the end witch can be jabbed or swung for greater reach. Another cool thing about this weapon is the the ninjas can use the chain to trip the victim or swing it around the victims weapon and pull it loose.


The most famous ninja weapon is the Shuriken,it is a flat piece of metal often shaped as a star that is sharpened points but it started of to be a distraction when being chased by throwing it at the pursuer. You can make the Shuriken more lethal by dipping it in poison.

Ninja-to {Sword}

The Ninja-to is a sword used by the ninjas it was shorter then the Katana and not as sharp also it was used by a stabbing motion instead of a swinging motion. Fun fact a ninja would steal a Katana if he killed the Samurai who owed it.


The Nunchaus are pretty useful weapons because it was easy to carry and the ninja can block attacks from a sword with the chain and can pull the weapon away.

Bombs {Smoke and Explosive}

The ninjas used eggs to make bombs, it was quite simple first you empty the egg then you add the chemicals and theirs your bomb. A fun fact is that the ninjas throw the smoke bombs at the eyes so the blinded the victim so they can escape easily.