Band Buzz: August 15, 2021

Falcon Band and Color Guard

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Monday morning, we will meet at 7:00 am. Please note that we have included Freshman in the Pep Rally this year. They can play with the band, put their instrument back in the band hall and then go to their 1st period class. In previous years, the pep rally hasn’t been the first thing on the schedule so it hasn’t been so easy to include the freshmen with the band. It's better to have the whole band together to perform so those kids can feel included.

Flip Folders & Lyres

Students who need flip folders (small black folders that hold the music that we play during football games) and/or lyres (device that attaches the flip folders to the instrument) can purchase them in the band hall office starting on Monday morning. Flip folders are $8, clarinet lyres are $8, and all other woodwind lyres are $5. Brass and percussion do not need lyres. Students can pay with cash or check made out to “CLHS Band”.

Band Paperwork to be Emailed Soon

The remaining beginning of the year paperwork will be emailed out soon, so please be on the lookout for an email from Mr. Gray or Mr. Pearce with an Adobesign email address. These forms will need to be signed electronically by both parent and student via Adobesign by Wednesday August 18 for a grade. The three forms are the band handbook acknowledgement form, marching band agreement, and social media contract. The band handbook is available by signing into charms and going to “forms”.


We are just a few days away from Band Demo and BBQ Night. I hope you can join us, Thursday, August 19th, to get a sneak peek of what the students have been working on the last 4 weeks at Band Camp. The Demo begins at 6:30 pm on the field. The BBQ will take place in the CLHS Commons for those who placed orders for BBQ (the deadline was August 10th). Some of the Spirit Wear orders may be in (especially the yard signs). Stop by the Spirit Wear table to see if your items arrived.

Don’t forget to sign up to help make this evening a success. We need volunteers to help with everything from set up to clean up that evening. We will also be taking dessert donations, so please sign up for that as well. Click the buttons below to sign up!

Many thanks,

Teresa Shurtz

Falcon Band BBQ Chair 2021

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Kona Ice Reward for Winning Section at Rock-a-Thon

Kona Ice Truck will be at the school after band practice (at 6 pm) on August 25th. Kona Ice is a shaved ice truck franchise which has ten different flavors and technology that allows customers to choose how much syrup they want and to mix up flavors, allowing customers to customize their own flavors. We are in the process of figuring out which section(s) were the winning sections at Rock-a-Thon. These section(s) will receive FREE Kona Ice! This will be announced to the students first and published here next week. While the winning section(s) receive theirs for free, everyone is invited to participate in this min-fundraiser. Get the word out to bring the whole family and invite your friends! The cost is $3 for 12 oz shaved ice and FBBC will receive 25% of the sales.

Gladys Ruiz and Leah Moore

Rock-a-Thon Chairs

Mark Your Calendar for August 24th Meeting 7:00 PM in the PAC

FBBC Meeting Date—August 24th (Tues) in PAC 7:00 PM

Mattress Fundraiser Parent Meeting—August 24th (Tues) In PAC

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Mattress Fundraiser Event

We have found a "key person" for our Mattress Fundraiser. We would like to thank Kevin Black for volunteering. Our goal for this year is $10,000 to help us replenish funds due to the purchase of our tractor for the Band Trailer.


This is easy money with minimal effort! Ben (or representative) will join us at the beginning of our next FBBC meeting (August 24th at 7:00 pm) to hold a “parent meeting” for this event. He will show us how to share info on social media and to make sure that our community knows about the event. That is ALL we ask you to do. It is VERY easy and VERY profitable if we get the word out.

He will give us $5 for everyone who attends! We need all of our parents there for this bonus PLUS it is a formal booster meeting.

Uniform Distribution Update

Uniform assignments went very well this week! I would like to sincerely thank these volunteers who helped: Anthea Guest, Kristine Samuell, Sam Draper, Teresa Shurtz, Dawn Duncan, Emily Harris, Jennifer Mendez, Karin Little, Joy King, Marta Haile, Ly McGrath, Rebecca Garland, Ruth Soisson, and Teresa Soisson.

Uniform assignments were complete by Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, we ironed the hems since they were adjusted for new students. Mr. Pearce will begin asking the students to take home their uniform soon. When you receive it, make sure it is hung nicely. They won’t be worn until the September 17th game, so we don’t want them to get wrinkled on the floor! Later in the season, I will send out instructions so that you can wash the uniform at home. This worked really well last year and the band hall/students smelled a lot better because they were getting washed regularly! If your student was absent last week and did not get a uniform assignment, contact me. Also, let me know if you have any questions.

Erin Harris

Uniform Chair

832-722-8899 (cell)


What is a game volunteer?

It takes many volunteers to assist the band at games and contests! The volunteers take care of the logistics so the students and band directors can focus on their performances and have a great marching band experience! Volunteering is a great way to get to know your student’s friends and meet other parents. This season, we will have 10 regular games and 5 Saturday events (contests and stadium practices). Lots of volunteers lightens the load and means we all get to meet new people!

Each week, you will receive an e-mail from the Jennifer Gordon, Chaperone/Volunteer Coordinator listing the details of the event and volunteers needed. If you are able to volunteer, you can select the task(s) you want assigned to you. Not a veteran volunteer? No worries—on the job training will be provided! Here are some volunteer descriptions.

Game Meal Servers - Help serve meals to students in commons at CLHS at 4 pm before they depart for the stadium.

Chaperones - Ensure the students get to/from the games and contests safely and with all their gear. Some chaperones ride the bus with the students (which usually depart at 5 pm from CLHS). Other chaperones meet at the stadium. Chaperones escort students from the buses to the stadium, help fill the big water coolers, and coordinate refilling student water jugs as needed.

Bus Lead - One chaperone on each bus is designated as the “lead” and takes the attendance. They also carry a special “backpack” with essential safety items and monitor the bus to make sure all trash and student belongings are removed at the end of the night.

Half-Time Action (HAT) Team - Distributing plumes and other pieces of equipment as needed; moving the pit percussion equipment and show props onto and off the field; distribute cool washcloths after the show.


Jennifer Gordan (Chaperone/Volunteer Coordinator)

Michelle Stein (HAT Team Coordinator)

Chris & Mike McGarity (Game Meal Chairs)

Kathryn McCabe (Washcloths Chair)

Game Meals

If you are in marching band or color guard this year and have not purchased meals for games then please reach out to me. Chris McGarity 713-824-6406. I would be happy to discuss the options.

Chris McGarity MBA


Celebrating Our Senior Students

An email was sent to the parents of all senior students last weekend. Many thanks to Janet Foltyn for making all the beautiful senior mums (see picture below)! I still have three at my house: Brianna Garza, Cohen Perkins, Raphael Clark. (Call Ruth: 281-728-4082). All seniors get a mum for FREE! We look forward to wearing them to the games!

If you would like a “big head” (like the ones shown in the picture below), then please contact Sam Houston (832) 407-8375. Last year, they were about $20 each. She will let us know later what the actual cost is and you will pay her directly when you pick it up.

The deadline to order big heads is Saturday, August 21st.

Thanks, Sam!

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Passes for CCISD tournaments will be on the Clear Creek ISD page and not on the schools page. The link for the tournament pass will only be found at

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