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The Aqua Newsletter for June 2013

What's Going On, Trubies?

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for being part of this Origami Owl journey with me. As time goes by, and I get to know you all more, I thank my stars that our paths have crossed, and I am blessed to have you in my life and we can be on this amazing ride together. Bumpy at times, but the goal destination is in the horizon!

As you all know, May was a difficult month that we are still recovering from. Mother's Day orders, we all kicked butt on, the company as a whole, received more orders the weeks leading up to Mother's Day cut off, then they did the entire year. It was INSANE. Along with these massive orders came mistakes, chaos, missed and overlooked items, then feelings of anger, frustration, and doubt. But let's try to put a positive spin on this, if we can. What did you learn from all the issues? Some of you may have realized how amazingly awesome you are at handling customers and hostesses. Some of you may have realized that, wow, you really are an organized person! You may have realized you are more patient than you thought you are. Or that you are stronger, or that you have the ninja-like multitasking skills. And some of you discovered that you knew when to pull back and take a deep breath that when you were getting too upset, and come back to this when you were more calm. Do not ever beat yourself up for feeling bad having negative thoughts about what happened. What is important, is that you look at what you learned, what skills your developed, and how this could have made your skin thicker, and prepare you for the next hardship that may come along.


People will either Relocate or Rebuild- WE CHOOSE TO REBUILD!

The simultaneous introduction of new products, new hostess rewards, and a new Jewelry Bar system with glitches and kinks- all of this combined with the strike in Hong Kong putting major delays in the shipment of orders, created "The Perfect Aqua Storm."

When natural disaster storms happen, in the aftermath, people either relocate and leave the mess that the storm, because they know in their heart that is what they need to do, or they stay, clean up and rebuild, because they know in their heart that is what they need to do.

Please do not misinterpret or think that I am comparing the scale of the tragedies of a natural disaster to our business, because I definitely do not want to be disrespectful to anyone. Simply doing a comparison.

In the aftermath, clean up crews, construction teams, and those ready to rebuild do just that. It takes time. This is what Origami Owl is currently doing. They are putting in place the right people in the right positions. Reorganizing the people within their company and bringing in more people to build a stronger, more efficient infrastructure so we can get this company back and better than it ever was, and have it run like a well oiled machine.

Just think- in the past few weeks, Origami Owl has hired so many people to be part of Designer Care, the warehouse, introduced a new Customer Care dept, and created more positions, most likely promoted people into their deserved positions to help lead the people to assist us, the Designers. FedEx probably had to hire people to support Origami Owl's shipments! Origami Owl- with their efforts to help the Designers, has helped their local economy, by providing jobs. I think that is pretty awesome.

What they posted in the backoffice on 6/3/13

As of Thursday, June 6, at 11:59 p.m., EST, back order items will not be available for purchase until they become available in inventory. Your replicated website will reflect these products as “temporarily unavailable” and the Party Tab will simply not display these items for purchase.

We do expect all items that are temporarily unavailable to be available once again in the very near future. Please keep an eye on the Product Availability List, updated daily in your Back Office Newsfeed, for anticipated availability.

{Refunds for Back Ordered Items}

Due to the fact that there are several items that have been unavailable for an extended period of time, the Nest has made the decision to issue refunds for all remaining back ordered items. These refunds will be made directly to the credit cards they were purchased on over the next two weeks. Customers will be able to place orders for these items when they become available once again.

It is important to know that this decision will not affect your Hostess Rewards or your Personal Volume (PV) in any way. For those Hostesses whose free and discounted items are out of stock, we will be providing Hostess Hoot Loot so they can choose another item.

{Shipment of Orders that Contained Back Ordered Items}

In an effort to ship orders as completely as possible, some orders that contained back ordered items were being held until those products became available. All orders that were placed and included back ordered items will be shipped this week. For any items that are still back ordered, we will be issuing a refund, enabling customers to purchase those items when they become available once again. They will receive a note in their shipment that informs them of this. Please keep an eye on the Product Availability List, updated daily in your Back Office Newsfeed, for anticipated availability.

And now....the added sidenote received today 6/4/13:

We know, in some cases, you may have already refunded your customers or given product from your own inventory. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate these instances when we issue refunds. Please work directly with your customers to settle any discrepancies. If you have incurred an expense related to this issue, please contact your tax advisor about ways to claim this business expense.

Yes- this extra sidenote does sound scary, but what they mean by this is nicely explained by Robyn Torres:

They are talking about the refunds they will be issuing and if you have given customers your stock for backordered items and then the company gives a refund to the customer since their cc may be on file for that backordered item. To try to work with the customer since they will receive a refund for an item that you may have already given them. I will be working on a system for our team, so that we can figure this out at the most cost effective way as far as shipping goes. They are just noting that if you decide for example, you gave a customer 1 charm for your stock and they are going to be reimbursed for that 1 backordered charm and you would rather not work that out with the customer and just lose the $2.50 of the charm, then to be sure to claim this in your tax as a business expense.

This also applies for if you decided to refund the customer yourself, or if you decided to source the charm from another Designer and paid for it, then be sure to claim that in your tax as well.

It all goes back to attitude and heart. If you allow your faith in Origami Owl and your belief that things will be bigger and better, than your career with them will grow and thrive. If you let your fears and the bad stuff consume you, then maybe you do need to take a step back and reevaluate why you are a Designer. When times are tough, leaders emerge and the strong are who survive. If you choose to put your heart and faith into this and take care of, nuture your business, even when the bad stuff comes, you can handle it. Why? Because you know how to do it, because you have already weathered the worst of it.

Always keep in your mind and heart why you decided to join Origami Owl. Why did you fall in love with it to begin with, that made you want to be a representative of this company? What goals did you have with this? Did you do this for yourself, so you could have some time with other adults outside the home? Or maybe to assist your family financially? Did you want to meet more people and if so, have you made some great friends on your OO journey? When you think of the worst times, think of the best times. Whenever I get into a really bad arguing feud with my husband, I always think about what my Mom told me- "Think of why you love him, and why you got together to begin with. There had to have been something good, other than that you would not have married him. Remember that even though you are angry and want to give up on your marriage, do not do something you will regret forever because you are angry with him right now." And she always tells me to always be kind and compassionate, no matter what.

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Now onto the FUN STUFF!!! AWARDS, REWARDS, and PRIZES!!!

May's Winners!!

Everyone is a winner in my eyes!! But of course, in every team there are the ones who are the shining aqua jewels. Here is the Top Ten Trubies and their PV's

1. Amy Meyer $6567

2. Lauren Barnes $5742

3. Rachel Askew $3925

4. Carrie Smith $3585

5. Meredith Bivens $3578

6. Sarah Maddox $3515

7. J.J. Mason $3438

8. Rachel Walls $2785

9. Stephanie Young $2720

10. Ashlee Keener $2511

Our team combined did an amazing $125,130!!!! So OWLSOME!!! Virtual high fives to all of you!!

The May incentive was the top ten in PV to get their names put into a drawing for a beautiful turquoise Michael Kors bag. Sarah Maddox was the winner! Congratulations to Sarah, and kudos for all your hard work. I know she works hard and consistently at her business because since she became a Designer, her numbers get higher and higher, and her DIW team is growing too.

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At events, Origami Owl will award out spirit awards. I wanted to bring this to our team too. Having spirit and heart should always be recognized and rewarded. It is not about sales and PV all the time! These ladies display what being an Origami Owl Independent Designer is about and are proud to be part of our team, as I am just as proud to have her on our beautiful team!

Mover and Shaker Award- the hussler in the group who is totally kicking butt, recruiting and booking parties left and right but may not have the highest PV.

This award goes to.....LAILA KROMER

Most Improved Trubie- The gal who may not have done much when she first joined, but is now kicking up in high gear and totally working her business now!

This award goes to....GINA LORETELLI

Most Team Spirit Trubie- The gal who is always encouraging and helping out team members on our team FB page...

This award goes to....ASHLEE KEENER

And I would like to recognize someone for their hard work and dedication to the team, in producing graphics and photos for our team to use. The one and only HEIDI KELLER. You truly are a shining gem and I think you are glamazing!

A new team tee shirt has been created, and the winners will be the first to receive this FABulous tee shirt that has our team lineage on it. Believe, FAB, Trubies, and Krewe (TB & KB)

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What You Will Experience at an O2 Event need to register now!

I truly hope you can make it to the AnnuOwl in July. It will truly be a wonderful and business changing experience for you. To find out more about the event and register for it, please go to

Right now, 2,000 Designers are planning to go. The Nest is aiming for 3,500! They are ready to give us the knowledge, information, and tools to propel our business to the next level! AND on top of that, we get to shop in an O2Experience store, that will have items there that only those who go, will get to purchase. I love exclusive stuff!! And you know what else I love even more- SWAG! I love me some swag bags, and the ones they are giving us as a "Thank you for coming" gift is supposed to be worth $250! OH MY!!!

If you can make the arrangements to go, you will not regret it. Right now, we have about 20 Trubies and DIWs registered to go and I am hoping that you can go. Business trip=business expense tax write off!! And this trip is guaranteed to be fun. White Out Dance Party, a formal awards ceremony Gala AND you get to hang out with me. I am a ball of FUN!!

What is in Store for June??

June Jewelry Bars-

School is about to let out so several of us have plans for the summer with our families. Take the time to spend with your family. If you can fit Origami Owl into your life, that is great. You should not have to fit your life into Origami Owl. Make sense?

If you are able to, squeeze the parties in where you know you can. Be creative with it. Summer time, pool side Jewelry Bar? Daytime lunch with the ladies Jewelry Bar? Is there a neighborhood monthly Bunco party that you can set up a Jewelry Bar? When we can think creatively about our business, we have much more fun with it.


Hoping the invitation waves ramp up and out soon!!! In the meantime, make sure you are developing the relationship with them. Keeping them informed, and sharing POSITIVE experiences you are having with them will keep them excited and if you make them feel like part of the team already, they will want to stick around and wait to become part of the team! Keep checking your backoffice for details of any waves that may be starting soon. Crossing fingers!

June Incentive-

I have been kind of on the heavy side with prizes lately, so I am going to have go a little lighter this month. But I will come up with something wonderful for you. And when I do, I will announce it. I will definitely have Trubie Spirit Awards again.

Remember, this is YOUR business. When you are in business for yourself, you are the boss. I am your Mentor and I will always be here to guide you and help you, but ultimately you must help yourself. Running your own business is risky. You make up the rules (staying within guidelines of the Policies and Procedures) and you make your own schedule, invest your time and sometimes you will invest your own money and at the end of the day- you report to yourself. Ask yourself,"Would I work with me? Would I rehire myself? Would I give myself a good review?"

I believe in Karma- what comes around goes around. Put your time and heart into this- you will be rewarded what you put in.

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Krista Saysanam- Executive Team Leader for Team True Believers

Seriously. I love my team. And I love True Blood. Season 6 starts on 6/16