Paper Towns by John Green

Book report by Faith Slezak

Authors Theme

Live the life you think you deserve. I say this because When Margo talks about strings in the first part she is talking about how people treat themselves the way they think they deserve whether it is good or bad.

Conflict and what kind of conflict

The conflict is about Margo Roth Spiegelman. She is a very mysterious person and sometimes too mysterious. In late part 1 of the book Margo runs away. This was normal for other people and her but this time it wasn't. She went missing for almost two weeks before Quentin and his friends found her. Because of this the conflict is Man vs. Man.

Characters with direct & indirect characterization

The main characters are Margo, Quentin and Ben.

Margo Roth Spiegelman- "INDIRECT"A very mysterious girl who just want's freedom and is the main conflict in the book. "DIRECT" She is a short girl with long blond hair. She is a beautiful girl 'described by Quentin'.

Quentin Jacobsen- "INDIRECT"He is just a normal teenager who lives next to a very mysterious girl.In Part two he goes on a quest to find Margo and his best friend Ben helps him. "DIRECT" He is a tall boy with messy brown hair. He is cute when confident 'described by Margo'.

Ben- "INDIRECT"He is a very smart teen who created the Omnictionary. This is like a dictionary but there are many sources that are on the site to lead you to items that could help with projects. "DIRECT" He is a short boy who doesn't have many friend but manages to ask out Lacey pembelton to prom.


The setting is in Christmas, Florida during spring in a neighborhood by Jefferson park. It takes place in present time.


In the book Margo and Quentin go on a quest and during it Margo describes the town that they live in as a paper town. This later becomes a main tool to finding Margo when she runs away in late Part one. Q, Radar and Ban skip school and go searching for her. When they find her she tells them that she did not want to be found and that she wants to find a new home somewhere where life is not just a paper town but somewhere where she can be herself. Quentin realizes that he has fallen in love with a girl who is not who he though she was so he has to let her go. Q, Radar and Ben don't make it back in time for High School graduation. Then they continue with their lives and move on.