With your support, we can do it!

Our work is more valuable because of your support.

DPI Recognition

We hope you saw the annoucement from Ron about the Department of Public Instruction recognizing our work with the children in our school. I believe that it takes all of us pulling on the same end of the rope to get the job done for our students. Many thanks for the continued support and we hope you take a moment to enjoy a little notoriety. Feels good.

PJ Day for the Corral Celebration is Monday 2/15! Way to go!!!

For your calendars, we are celebrating the full Mustang Corral with the well-earned mustangs by our students. Please add this to your Sunday night plans for Monday morning. We are asking that stuffed animals stay at home for this day. By the way, the children voted this as their celebration as they cast their ballots in late January during the lunch hour.

Please help keep the rear parking lot safe for everyone!

Hi to all of our drivers in the afternoon who bring a vehicle to pick up children after school. The safety of our students is our #1 job, inside and outside of school. It is imperative that this is kept in mind as families are moving around the parking lot. I encourage you to know that stopping to wait for the children at the curb is not recommended, or acceptable. Please keep moving or find a spot to park and then go to meet the kids. Parking along the fence is not a safe practice as the kids are walking around the cars to find their rides. We need your help. Thanks!

Fingerprints continue to make our school fun!

Years ago, our school counselor had an idea to have the kids feel like they belong to a bigger community. Jackie Kohnert, our current counselor, continues that practice, with the help of Mrs. Liethen and Mrs. Webber(volunteers) to paint the palms of our 5Kers and new students and place their hands on the wall. They then print their names below for all to see and remember.

It is a big deal to share Valentine's!

Here are three examples of the mailboxes that studetns designed to receive valentines today. There are many more out there and it's fun to see the creativity.

Behind the scenes

Our school is very fortunate to have terrific custodians to care for our schools. Early in the morning, one of our guys is making sure the library is ready.If you happen to see one of our guys in a blue Merton shirt, please thank them for their work.
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Your PTO at work, again!

The hardworking members of our PTO, with your support, give our teachers and staff a reason to smile. This poster is on the teachers' lounge door with a terrific greeting for the day! Thanks so much!
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Weather studies include a visit from a weatherman

Second graders have been studying weather in their current science module. The teachers invited Tom Wachs from Fox6 News to visit and he sure made a hit with our students. Ms Schwartz provided a link https://youtu.be/7ZPCjaHrqeI for you to check things out. He was impressed with the content known by the kids and the terrific questeions that they asked.

Mike Budisch, head learner

Here's wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day to you and your families! Remember what NED said back in September? Let's give that a try this weekend.