Dwarf Planets!

By: Kaitlyn S.

Criteria for a Dwarf Planet

Acoording to the IAU the criteria for a dwarf planet is,

-It must orbit a star.

-not be a moon.

-have enough mass to be a sphere shape.

-not have cleared the smaller objects around its orbit.


-Only planet in the asteroid belt

-Smallest dwarf planet

-It WAS a planet for half a century

-it is 32% of the asteroid belts mass

-it has no known moons


-3rd Largest Dwarf Planet

-Diameter is 3/4 of Pluto

-No known moons

-Discovered on March 31st 2005

-Changed to a Dwarf Planet in 2008

-it takes nearly 310 years to orbit the sun ONCE

-the temperature is -406 degrees Fahrenheit (-240 Celcius)

-it appears to be red which is odd considering its red


-One day on Haumea is 3.9 Earth hours

-it has a thin icy crust

-it was named a Dwarf Planet in 2008

-it has a large red spot on its surface

-it has two moons Namaka and Hi'aka


-Largest dwarf planet

-1st identified in 2005

-with the exceptions if some comets, it is the oat distant object In the solar system

-Bigger than Pluto

-it takes 560 years for Eris to orbit the sun ONCE


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