Media Mail

April and May

Current News

  • We had a busy National Library Week with lots of fun activities. Students went on blind dates with books, estimated how many checkouts would be done that week, found some hidden treasure in books, guessed the teacher behind the book, named names of titles, wrote suggestions and what they love about our library. If you want to see pictures or read student comments go to our Facebook page.
  • If you have never seen our Facebook page, click here to take a look.
  • Birthday Book Club is always a fun event. Students enjoy coming to the celebration for snacks, music, pictures, bookmarks, and fellowship. Last Friday was the Book Club for students with birthdays in April, May, and June.

New Arrivals

Manatee Rescue

Dream on Amber

The Skeleton Tree

LEGO Star Wars

When do Fish Sleep?

The English Roses

The Forgotten Warrior

A Mouthful of Onomatopoeia

Animals and Their Habitats

Author of the Month

In honor of April being National Poetry Month, our featured authors are Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky. They have won many awards for their humorous poems. Many of our Rainbow students have been writing poems too.
Shel Silverstein

Learn more about Shel, see a list of his books, read his funny poems, and play games.

Jack Prelutsky

Learn about Jack, listen to his poems & music, see drawings and poems by kids, and do activities.

Genre of the Month

Poetry - writings from a poet that may include rhymes, rhythm and imagination. Some types of poems are couplet, limerick, quatrain, free verse, acrostic, and haiku.

Coming Soon

There are many events coming soon.

  • Word Day is Wednesday, May 4. This is a fun day to celebrate all the new words we have learned this year. Students and teachers will dress in a was that describes a word. Everyone must wear the word too.
  • This year's Book Swap will be Friday, May 6. In order to participate in the Book Swap, you must donate some clean, gently used books that you think other students would like to read. Donations will be accepted May 2-5. You will be given a ticket for each book. Students with tickets will be allowed in the Book Swap to select books to take home.
  • May 6th is also the last day to check out books this school year. We must close the library in order to do our yearly inventory. All items are DUE Monday, May 9. If students have any books, audio, or magazines they will have to be returned by this date. If you are unable to locate an item we will let you know the cost.