Plate Tectonics


Types of Boundaries

  • Divergent: occurs when two tectonic plates move away from each other. Along these boundaries, lava spews from long fissures and geysers spurt super heated water. Frequent earthquakes strike along the rift.
  • Convergent: The impact of the two colliding plates buckles the edge of one or both plates up into a rugged mountain range, and sometimes bends the other down into a deep seafloor trench. A chain of volcanoes often forms parallel to the boundary.
  • Transform plate: Natural or human-made structures that cross a transform boundary are offset—split into pieces and carried in opposite directions.
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  • Oceanic vs Oceanic: When the plates move away from each other the magma from the Asthenosphere then form tiny volcanic Underneath the where out hot smoke is made .
  • Continental vs Continental: When ever both Continental plates they create a Rift valley . A Rift valley is when two Continental plate pull away from each other water soon comes through both of the plates and keeps filling them to the top.


  • Oceanic vs Oceanic: When they both hit they Create a thing called a Trench. A Trench is when plates hit and one plate goes under another which they creates a Trench.
  • Continental vs Continental: When the two plates hit in creates a Mountain Range where a tops of mountains are made.
  • Continental vs Continental: makes a Trench.


Continental vs Continental: When the plates slide by each other they create a earthquake which can cause many disasters