The Master of Magic: Harry Houdini

Best Magician

Harry's Childhood

His life wasn't all fame and money, it was more work, fail, and hope for something better. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1874 to the name of Ehrich Weiss. His family settled in Appleton, WI all the way in the United States of America. Ehrich started professional magic at the age of 17, but before then, he made cakes disappear as a young boy. In 1887, when Ehrich was 13, his father Rabbi moved them to New York. His father wanted to start a new religious school but, became sick. To help his ill father, Ehrich took any job he could. Rabbi died when Ehrich was 13. The journey has just started.
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Interesting Facts

Harry had 5,200 books on magic.

Every Halloween Bess stared at a picture of him waiting for his spirit to talk to her, but it never happened. On the tenth year, she gave up.

Harry Houdini wrote some books. One of them is below.

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He went to many different places. Some places he went are: New York City, London, Scotland, Appleton, Brooklyn, Midwest of Canada, Budapest in Hungary, and he went so many more places, especially in Europe.

Magical Life

Harry Houdini got married to a 94 pound 18 year old, and they only knew each other for ten days. She became a big part of his career and life. Harry and Bess preformed a show with a new trick, "Escape the Trunk". Bess was only 94 pounds so she could easily slip through the door in the trick. Houdini had a famous trick. It was called "The Handcuff Escape". He earned lots of money doing shows like $90, $25, $63, and $103. Houdini even sold one of his famous tricks for $20! He didn't have much luck in the U.S.A. at first, so he and Bess went to Europe, and they became famous there! Even Harry got arrested for walking on grass during one of his tricks! Then, the New Yorkers were jealous, so they wanted Harry Houdini back, badly. He was very popular in Germany. One of his famous tricks was walking through a wall. Also, he escaped from a giant paper bag without tearing it and a giant football that he was chained to, but he was out in 35 minutes. Houdini continued magic for the rest of his life.


Harry Houdini: Master of Magic

By: Robert Kraske

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