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Miles B.

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Quote: Behind every stack of books is a flood of knowledge...

I hose this book because I thought that the quote is true because when you read you are learning more and more in every sentence. I also chose this quote because the picture is really cool and its nice to look at!

About Me

Hello viewers, I love reading because 1I learn a lot from reading and 2 all the books take on an adventure into another world. I play basketball and football. Basketball is my favorite sport. In my free time I love to shoot hoops hangout out with friends relax or go on a trampoline.

I picked this website becuase you can get to books really fast and easily and this website has some really good book recomendations on it!

10 things about me as a reader

1. Love true story books.

2. Favorite genre is mystery.

3. I have lots of favorite authors.

4. Prefer non-fiction instead of fiction.

5. I don't like people reading to me.

6. I have a lot of books in my room.

7. I love to read on the airplane.

8. If I read in a car I might throw up watch out.

9. Don't like to share books.

10. I love reading.

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