Rise and Fall Film Camp

Not an actual. Event school project.

Rise and Fall Film and Entertainment Camp

Rise and Fall Film and Entertainment Camp is not just a camp that teaches you how to act or correctly use a camcorder. We are a camp that will teach student every aspect of the Film business and industry.

Categories we have




Editing and


Every student will come to the camp in a specific category but will have some sort of training in every apsect that we provide.

Rise And Fall Film and Entertainment camp

Monday, July 7th, 3-3pm

The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA

What will your Teenagers be doing.

This is not a free for all do what ever you want camp. Your teen will be expected to attend many coaching sessions and will be given tasks to preform most of their stay.

Agenda (Monday- Saturday)

8:00- Breakfast in the dining Hall

8:45- Seminars

10:00- Group Work

11:30 - Individual Coaching Sessions

1:00- Guided group sessions

2:30 -Lunch

3:15- Free Time

5:00- Business Seminars

6:15- Dinner

7:00 - Group work

8:15 - Movie Showings and study

10:30- To Dorms

Sunday Agenda

8:30- Breakfast

9:15- Leave for Hollywood.

10:45- Split into groups and go through rules.

11:00 - Officially split an tour Hollywood

4:15- Meet back at bus to return.

4:45- Return at University of South California and prepare for Dinner

5:00- dinner

5:45- Prepare for showings of the groups final work

6:30 - Final Showings

8:15- Awards

8:45 - Free Time

11:00- To dorms