By Sasha Kirwin


The Thai language is very different to the Australian language. In Thai Hello is "Swadicar" Yes is "Car". When you go to Thailand some people might greet you by saying welcome to the land of Parthet which means "land of the Free".

The Thai Alphabet has 76 letters and was invented 800 years ago.


Thailands neighbours are Cambodia ,and Laos


Thailands population is about 69.52 Million people in 2013.

Some Thailand's traditional foods are : Thai Cauliflower thats made of

Beans chopped in half,carrot chopped and diced , Chilli cut finely then added a special traditional Thai sauce.

Traditional Thai clothes can be made of cotton and silk.

Thailands most visited landmark is Phang Nga Bay .

Fact :thailand used to be called Siam.

Fact : Thailands most used pet name is Siam

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