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MassMutual Chicago

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Help MassMutual Chicago feed 80+ Families

Alicia Renee Diaz loved helping her grandmother and grandfather hand out meals to people at their local church pantry. To honor Alicia, who passed away at the age of 4, her grandmother and grandfather created a non-for profit food pantry called Alicia's house.

A $25 donation feeds an entire family this Thanksgiving season. Give others the opportunity to enjoy a family dinner.

Please have all donations to Samantha Hamman by Wednesday, November 18th.

2015 Agency Trip Contest

Contest Details

Business paid between December 17th, 2014 and December 15th, 2015 will determine the winners

Winners will earn an invitation to the agency trip in February 2016. Exact dates and location TBD

Winners to include:

  • Top 5 Year 1-4 Agents with the most qualifying WRCs
(minimum paid recognition WRC of 66k)
  • Top LADL Year 5+ Producer
(minimum his/her individual minimum leaders WRC production level)
  • Top MMLIS GDC Year 5+ Producer
(minimum his/her individual minimum Leaders WRC production level)

7 Essential Email Strategies

1. Create an attention grabbing subject line

  • If your prospect doesn't open your email or (worse) deletes it, you are nowhere. Make sure you have an attention grabbing subject line

2. Choose subject lines that include the prospect's name

  • If you have a referral, put the referrer's name in the subject line (i.e. Jane Jones recommended I contact you)

3. Keep it short and to the point

  • Your email should be no more than one page in length. Remember your prospect may be reading it on their desktop or phone

4. Make it about them

  • Make sure your email focuses on the benefits you and your product or service can achieve for customers

5. Include a call to action

  • Make sure your message includes the important element. What action do you want your prospects to take? If you want a call, say no. Don't expect your prospect to guess. It's your job to ask.

6. Do not include attachments

  • Again, your prospect may be reading your email on his desktop or phone. In addition, attachments may get caught in spam filters and prevent your email from being delivered.

7. Do not use HTML or fancy graphics

  • See above about spam filters.