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News from Mrs. Hilcher- Principal of Grapevine Elementary

Week of January 11 - January 15

Skyward Email

It has come to my attention that Wednesday's Skyward email regarding report cards was difficult to read on some devices. Evidently, the font I used in the body of the email didn't translate well on all cell phones and resembled cursive. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you to those families who notified us of the mishap. I'm attaching the email again, just in case yours was difficult to read!

Hello GES Families,

Your child's report cards will be accessible on Skyward and on Google drive today, January 6, 2016. As a reminder, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade standards based report cards are found on Google drive. Report cards for students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade are posted on Skyward. Paper copies will only be sent home to students who have requested such copies during the Infosnap process in August. Directions on accessing both types of report cards are below:


Report Cards will be posted Wednesday, January 6, at 3:00p.m. To log on to Family Access, go to the GCISD website ( and click on the Skyward logo. Once you are logged on, click on progress reports/report cards in the menu on the left to view your child’s report card.


  1. Go to

  2. If it asks you if you want to download Drive, choose “No Thanks”.

  3. If you are a current Google user, click “Add Account”. If you are not a current Google user, proceed to step #4.

  4. Login to your child’s GCISD Google account.(Information sent home previously)

  • The first time you access Drive, it may ask you to accept the account. Click the blue “I accept. Continue to my account.” button.

  • If it asks you if you want to download Drive, choose “No Thanks”.

  • Click the “Shared With Me” link from the menu on the left.

  • Open the SBRC folder and locate the reporting document you’d like to see. This folder is set to “view only”. If you have questions or comments, please email your child’s teacher.

Attached to this email, you will find a copy of our 2014-2015 School Report Card (SRC) from TEA. The purpose of the SRC is to inform parents and guardians about each school's individual characteristics such as student enrollment, class size averages, and financial expenditures, as well as, student performance on the STAAR. More information about School Report Cards can be found on the TEA website at GCISD School Report Cards are posted on the district website along with Accountability Summaries and Texas Academic Performance Reports at If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 817-251-5735.


Liz Hilcher

Upcoming Events

Monday, 1/11 Choir (2:45-3:45pm)

Wednesday, 1/13 Running Club, Student Council & KC Club (2:45-3:30pm)

Thursday, 1/14 Choir (2:45-3:45pm)

Monday, 1/18 MLK Day-Student & teacher holiday

Monday, 1/18-Wednesday 1/20 Wise Guys Pizzeria GES fundraiser

Wednesday, 1/20 NEHS meeting & Running Club (2:45-3:30pm)

Thursday, 1/21 Choir (2:45-3:45pm)

Monday, 1/25 Jump Rope for Heart begins; Choir (2:45-3:45pm)

Tuesday, 1/26 Campus Excellence Committee meeting (3:10pm)

Wednesday, 1/27 Running Club (2:45-3:30pm)

Thursday, 1/28 Choir Performance (6:30pm)

UPDATE: Play It Safe Preview

If you did not get an opportunity to attend the parent preview on January 5, another opportunity has just been made available. Parents will have an opportunity to preview the program on Monday, January 11, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. at the GCISD Administration Building – Board Room, 3051 Ira E. Woods, Grapevine, Texas 76051. This allows elementary families to arrive for student dismissal by 2:45 p.m. For more information on Play It Safe, please visit the website at:

Traffic Reminders

The safety of our students, staff, parents and visitors during student arrival and dismissal is a priority at Grapevine Elementary. Please help us ensure campus safety by paying close attention to the following safety reminders.

  • Follow school zone traffic and cell phone laws at all times.
  • Use designated crosswalks when crossing traffic, parking lots, and/or flow-through lanes on foot.
  • Be courteous. Please take turns turning into the driveways and parking lots. When drivers refuse to let others turn in to school driveways this causes intersections and exits to back up.
  • Be patient. Our drop off/pick-up lines move relatively quickly. Impatient drivers increase risk for injury to a child, staff member, or visitor.
  • Use caution. Once you drop off/pick up your child and begin pulling away from the building, be aware of all pedestrians, moving cars, open car doors, etc.
  • Be prepared. During morning arrival say your goodbyes, gather backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. while waiting in the drop off line. If students are not ready to exit the car when you pull up, this slows down the process for others.

Front Circle Drive:

  • Always use appropriate lanes to drop off students during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. The front circle drive is a one-lane drop off/pick-up area.
  • Students should never be dropped off in the outside lane of the front circle drive, as this is a pass through lane. Allowing your child to exit the car in this area is extremely dangerous.
  • Students should always exit the car closest to the sidewalk or curb. This ensures students are safe from moving traffic.
  • Striped spaces in front of the school flagpole and cafeteria are for daycare or school bus drop-off only. Please do not park and/or block these areas.
  • When parking, use the designated spaces across the drive way, farthest from the building. Pull all the way into the parking space and do not block the center flow-through traffic lane. Students should always exit the car closest to the school sidewalk or curb. This ensures students are safe from moving traffic.
  • Marked parking spaces in the front circle drive are not for dropping students to avoid the drop off/pick-up line. This area is for visitors or parents who need to park and escort a child into the building.
  • During afternoon dismissal, please pull forward to an open parking space to buckle your children. Stopping to buckle your child in the car line slows down all student pick-up and increases the likelihood a car will pull out to get around you.

Back Circle Drive:

  • Always use appropriate lanes to drop off students during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. The back circle drive is a two-lane drop off/pick-up area.
  • If using the outside lane of the back circle drive, please have students exit the car onto the grassy median and walk to the crosswalk. Do not have students exit the vehicle into moving traffic.
  • If you are parking in the back parking lot, please escort your child at all times. Allowing your child to exit the car alone in the parking lot is extremely dangerous.
  • Students will not be released into the parking lot during dismissal. To ensure your child’s safety, please meet your child on the sidewalk during dismissal to escort him/her to your car.

Please be aware during morning drop off you can utilize either the front or back circle drives. During afternoon dismissal these areas are grade level specific. The front circle drive is used for release of K-2 students and their older siblings. The back circle drive is used for release of grades 3-5 students only.

We appreciate your efforts to put safety first, follow traffic laws, and remain aware of pedestrians, bike/scooter riders, as well as other drivers in and around Grapevine Elementary. Together we can ensure the safety of our students, staff, parents, and visitors!

Art Contest Opportunity

GCISD students of all ages are invited to create artwork illustrating the fun learning opportunities available through GCISD’s Summer Enrichment Program. This year’s theme is “Choose Your Own Adventure.” The winning artwork will serve as the cover design for the GCISD Summer Enrichment brochure, which is distributed throughout the district and on the website and provides information about registration and summer learning opportunities for students completing K-6th grades. The student who creates the winning entry will be recognized in the printed brochure and during a regular meeting of the GCISD Board of Trustees.

Art must be original and can be hand-drawn, painted, computer-designed or in any other medium. Judges will be looking for a design that is creative, appropriate, and uses the “Choose Your Own Adventure” theme. Art should be on 8 ½” x 11” paper and submitted in color, but be able to be reproduced in black and white. Please do not frame or mat entry to any size larger than 8 ½” x 11”. Our contest opens January 11, 2016, and the deadline for submitting the art is Wednesday, February 10th. Students may submit contest entries to their school office or to Cindy Pearson at Colleyville Elementary.

GES Information & Announcements

Important Reminders

  • Keeping our students safe is a top priority at GES! Please be sure to state your full name and reason for your visit when we answer the Airphone/doorbell at the front door. For example, "Lance Hilcher here to have lunch with my daughter Logan." We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Recess weather reminder: Please make sure your children have coats, hats, gloves for outdoor recess. GCISD district guidelines allow children to play outside for recess and PE as long as the temperature including wind chill factor is 36*F or above. Anything below that requires the children to stay indoors.
  • American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart starts at GES on Monday, January 25th and runs through Friday, February 5th. An AHA representative will be here on Friday, January 22 to speak with the students during PE to kick off this special endeavor. More information will follow soon.

GES PTA Information

Big image

PTA Volunteers

The PTA Volunteer of the Month for December is Chelly Beck. The winner of the volunteer drawing, and a Starbucks gift card, is Sarah Woolery. Thank you both for your dedication to our students and to making GES the best it can be! Volunteers, please keep logging your hours in the spiral in the front office. We appreciate how you support our school!

JA in a Day Opportunity

Junior Achievement is currently recruiting volunteers for “JA in a Day” at Grapevine Elementary! “JA in a Day” is a special Junior Achievement delivery method. Like all JA programs, volunteers involved in this program help to educate and inspire youth about free enterprise, business, and economics.

“JA in a Day” is different from other JA programs only in that all lessons are covered in the course of one day in the school. At the end of the school day, the students will have completed all 5 JA lessons and will have earned their JA certificate. Normally, this process would take 5 weeks to complete. All of the materials are provided for you. New volunteers will be trained on the materials before they go into the classroom.

People who say Junior Achievement has changed their lives often credit their JA volunteer. Sometimes it takes that one caring adult to recognize the potential in a young person that might have been missed by others. By becoming a Junior Achievement volunteer, you can empower young people to own their economic success by sharing your experience and JA’s proven and engaging lessons.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact GES’s Junior Achievement parent coordinator Nicole Nixon, or Principal Liz Hilcher, You may also email the JA Education Manager, Destini Tasby,

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GCISD Information

2016-2017 Student Calendar

GCISD is working on finalizing the student calendar for next year. State changes in attendance requirements, specifically House Bill 2610, have caused a delay. Please view the link below to stay updated on our student calendar progress and to see the preliminary 16-17 calendar:

Big image

FIRST Committee

Notes from our Facility Innovation and Readiness Stakeholder Team (FIRST) meetings are continually posted on the FIRST website: GES has numerous representatives on this committee and we appreciate their service and dedication to our school!

The next FIRST meeting is Tuesday, January 12, 6 p.m. at the Professional Development & Education Center.

GCISD Podcasts

Are you interested in learning more about LEAD 2021, GCISD's long range plan? You should subscribe to the new LEAD GCISD podcast at: It's a new way for GCISD to communicate information and successes with the community. A new podcast will be released every Tuesday until Christmas break.

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