CES Parent Newsletter

January 2023

From Mrs. Redden

Dear Parents,

Happy 2023! I hope the start of the new year has brought joy and peace to your family. Our CES family has added a new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Kassidi Johnson. You can find her picture and some information about her below. She has made a great addition to our campus so far, and we are lucky to have her.

Our students will be taking the middle of the year MAP testing in Reading and Math starting this week. Please make sure your child gets enough rest at night and comes to school ready to learn. These tests will show how much your child has learned since the beginning of the school year, and will give our teachers important information on how to help each child from this point on to the end of the school year.

We will have a new Tardy Policy going into effect on January 23rd. Please make every effort to bring your child to school on time. Our teachers start teaching at 7:30, and your child misses important information when they are not at school.

Our teachers continue to work hard to plan lessons that are aligned to our state and content standards. They work together to break apart the standards to ensure each lesson is taught correctly, and monitor student understanding at the end of the lesson to reteach the next day if needed. Interventions are done each day, which are tailored to each student need. If your student misses a day of school, they miss instruction that will build on the next day. Please make sure your child come to school each day they are not sick. Too many missed days will make your child behind in his or her classes.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

CES New Tardy Policy

Dear Parents,

The education of our students and your children continues to be our priority. One of the areas of concern we see is the number of tardies that are occurring each day, as many as fifty each morning. The educational day at Connally Elementary School begins at 7:30 am. Your child will be considered tardy at 7:35 am if they are not in the building. Children entering the building after that time are considered late/tardy and we need your help in drastically reducing that number. This letter is to inform you of the tardy policy that will go into effect on Monday, January 23, 2023 at CES. This policy will be in force for every three weeks and then reset so every student may have a fresh start.

Upon the first tardy the student will be given a warning. The second tardy will result in a parent contact. The third and fourth tardies will generate a lunch detention for the student on that day. Upon the fifth tardy the student will be issued an after school detention (3:15 - 4:15) to be served on either a Tuesday or Thursday. No bus transportation will be provided for after school detention. Therefore you will be responsible for picking up your child at 4:15pm.

Failure to attend after school detention, unless excused by Admin, may result in the student being issued a half-day In-School-Suspension assignment. We recognize that medical appointments etc. may require a rescheduling and we will work with you to reschedule should that become an issue.

Thank you,

Katie Redden

Big picture

Our New Assistant Principal

Hi! I’m Kassidi Johnson and am excited to join Connally Elementary as the Assistant Principal. I’m looking forward to meeting the students, families, and staff. Having grown up in the area and attended Connally ISD for a portion of my elementary years, I’m honored to be able to give back to the school and community. My professional experience has consisted of working with students and teachers of all grades through general and special education. I want to work collaboratively to make sure each student feels valued and learns the needed academic and social skills to be successful.

Upcoming Important Dates

January 18th- UIL competition

February 9th- Reading Benchmark

February 10th- End of 4th 6 weeks

February 14th- Valentine's Day Parties (more info to come)

February 16th- Math Benchmark

February 23rd- Science Benchmark (5th grade)