Belk's More Giving Program

By: Ashley Cox

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A Bit More Giving & A Little Less Getting

Dear fellow customers, we would like to ask you to get more into the joyous and exciting spirits of the wonderful holidays. There are so many children who want gifts for Christmas that will not be able to have them due to medical, money and/or other issues. But you can change that by giving a little more and receiving a little less. Their are many ways to give back to others who are less fortunate than some, for example you could donate to the Toys For Tots program or give to the Toy Giveaway Program which allows you to give away one old gift every time you receive a new. Also, you can give back by giving to charities like the Make A Wish Foundation or the Angel Tree Program.You can help change a child's life forever just by giving back and offering a child to chance to experience to happiness and bliss of Christmas time.

Belk's Charity Sale: The Spirit of Giving!

Belk's will be having a charity sale that ranges from 10%-90% off all items in the store. This sale is trying to get more into the spirit of giving. It is very important because every dollar you pay to us, 2 more dollars will be donated the Make A Wish Foundation for small children. These are children are very young and want gifts just like you and I so come out and support a great cause!