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Principal's Message

Greetings Mountain View Community,

We stand with our Asian American Community in grief after the latest attacks in Atlanta. We are committed to discussing, and dismantling racism and sexism in our society. It shows itself in many ways, but when it surfaces in violence and death it makes work to confront it especially urgent. There are resources below for your reference. Please feel free to share them with others.

In our Mountain View community we have a lot of changes coming up next month.

Hybrid Learning--Starting April 19th, our students who have selected the Hybrid learning model will have live, in person instruction for 2 days a week (Either Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday)

Wednesday will continue to be Advisory in a live, virtual meeting.

All students will still be accessing classes DAILY. On the days they are not in the building, they need to log into their classes online. Wednesday is the ONLY exception; students attend Advisory only on Wednesdays.

More information will be coming from BSD soon. You will be notified of your selected learning model choice (either Comprehensive Distance Learning, or Hybrid Learning) and which attendance day you have been assigned by the district.

Resources for return to school:

Stay well.

Honored to Serve This Community,

Wendy Rider

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Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal to purchase new PRIDE SWAG!

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Our Hybrid schedule for all students starting April 19:

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Resources from our BSD Asian/Asian American Affinity Group

Stop AAPI Hate is a national resource for reporting hate incidents. Locally, you can report hate incidents at the Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crimes.

Here are some resources that the BSD Asian/Asian-American Affinity group and T&L have put together to help in responding to incidents in our community and some helpful resources for doing community circle check-ins. The group also offers the resources below to share with your students and families:

Project Lotus destigmatizes mental health issues in Asian-American communities by tackling the model minority stereotype through culturally-relevant education for the community and the empowerment of voices. Project Lotus advances the movement for Asian-Americans to be able to discuss, care for and advocate for mental health freely, without shame or stigma.

Whether in small acts or violent ones, racial bias can have serious emotional impacts. Racism changes how we see the world around us. It’s stressful to worry about how people see us as different or dangerous. It’s exhausting to notice the ways that people treat us as less-than, day in and day out. It’s heartbreaking to turn on the news and learn about more violence against people who look like us. The Equity Line is answered by BIPOC counselors, Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

AHSC provides a safe and culturally sensitive place for Asians who seek mental health care. It’s a culturally competent and linguistically appropriate service that is offered in Cantonese, English, Korean, Mandarin and Vietnamese. All staff members of the mental health program are multilingual and multicultural professionals who have extensive experience in the field. AHSC accepts Oregon Health Plan.

Send Messages to Teachers

We would also like to encourage students to contribute to the Padlet with messages to their teachers. You can click on the Padlet link, or aim your phone's camera at the QR code to access the our Teacher Messages

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Nutrition Services Spring Info

Nutrition Services Webpage has been updated with Spring Meal Service Information.

The Link to the Google Form for 5-day Meal Bag Registration is on our webpage. We strongly encourage families who are signing up for 5-Day Meal Bag to use the online form. Paper copies of the sign-up form are available in English and Spanish at all service locations. (Registration is not required, but we will be preparing meal bags based on registration counts.)

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Library Book Bus - Last Day of Service

The last day for the Library Book Bus was Wednesday, March 17th.

  • The Library Book Bus is unable to continue during Hybrid.

  • Library Services will work with Librarians to facilitate ways for students to access library books in both Hybrid and CDL.

Library Services Email:

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Upcoming Events to Note

6th Grade Outdoor School March 16-19

March 20-March 31 Spring Break (returning Thursday April 1)

Hybrid Learning Starts April 19

Other Resources

Need technology support? Please use the Student Help Desk

Want to learn more about Canvas for parents? Check out this Canvas help page

Looking for other help? BSD Family Toolkit is a great resource for questions and additional support.

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