by Jaylen Spangler

Physical Properties

Atomic Mass: 98

Atomic Radius in picometers (pm): 183pm

Density: 11.5 g/cc

Melting Point: 2157°C (3915°F 2430K)

Boiling Point: 4265°C (7709°F 4535K)

At room temperature (22°C), this element is a: Solid

Appearance: Gray metal

Conductivity: High

Malleability: Malleable but not for that use

Hardness: High

Chemical Properties

Flammability: Low

Reactivity: Somewhat high

Radioactivity: Extremely high

It's atomic number, number of protons, and number of electrons is 43. It has 55 neutrons making its mass number 98. Technetium is located pretty much dead center of the periodic table in Block D, Group 7, Period 5.

Technetium was created by bombarding molybdenum atoms with deuterons that had been accelerated by a device called a cyclotron.

Technetium is most commonly used for gamma ray imaging of a skeleton because its short lived isotopes attach themselves to areas of bone growth.

Interesting info

The word technetium somes from the Greek word technitos which means artificial. Also, there is not a single stable isotope of technetium known to man.

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