Chuck Baird

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An Over View

Who was Chuck Baird. He was born February 22, 1947 deaf and raised in Kansas City. He became a famous deaf artist after he attended Kansas School for the deaf. After graduating from the KSD ( Kansas School for the Deaf) he attended Gallaudet University. for the long span of 35 years.


Mr. Baird grew up with three sisters that were also deaf and two hearing parents that were both in the military. HIs mother was a redcross nurse for the military before she became a house wife, his father continued as a mechanic in the military.
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Becoming Deaf

Chuck Baird was born deaf. He never became sick as a child and became deaf. Although some say that he became deaf as a child or was born deaf because of Pendred Syndrome. This is were children are born or become deaf slowly over time.

Impact that will blow your mind

The De Vine Movement

Chuck Baird Had a deep involvement with the De Vine Movement for the Deaf. He influenced the Deaf community with his art, he mainly worked with children. In his time working he usually spent his time moving around sharing his artwork and inspiring people. He did most of his traveling threw De Vine in world wide expositions.

CHUCK BAIRD 1947-2012


Fact 1

Chuck Baird died in a motorcycle accident.

Fact 2

His Best work is under the name King of Hearts.
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Fact 3

He was staff photographer for the Spectrum Newsletter.
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