Roberts Library Information

From Your Book Diva

Thank You!

First let me say thank you to everyone for welcoming me warmly to your Roberts family. I think I have almost mastered every adult's name as well as the layout of the school. I'm still working on student names (and probably will be for the year) and that crazy door to my hall from the cafeteria. All in all, it is beginning to feel like home.

Several people have asked me questions about the way AR will run this year. I decided to make this informational page for you to give you the rundown on all things library. Please let me know if you still have a question after reading this information. I am always open for suggestions, too!

Housekeeping Items

  • All folders should have been passed out and sent home this week for parent signatures.
  • If you have a student that was overlooked for a folder, please send them our way.
  • Once the folder has been signed, it should not go home anymore this year.
  • Please send students with the folder anytime they need to checkout.
  • Please remember to check the open checkout time before sending students down.
  • Please also begin sending chromebooks with students this week. We may/may not use them each week, but I would rather have them than not, just in case.
  • Please do not send students with chromebooks or library folders/books on Fridays. It is too difficult for PE to keep up with these items since they are outside.

Basic Li-Berry Info

  • I normally begin Kinder checkout around December. If Kinder teachers would like to start earlier, just let me know. I am open to whatever you prefer!
  • 1st grade: students will checkout one book.
  • 2nd grade: students will checkout two books. The first few weeks we still with beginning reader and everybody books. We will tackle non-fiction and fiction later this fall.
  • 3rd-4th grade: students will checkout two books. They are welcome to explore the entire library from the beginning.

Roberts Library Resources

  • Please use the Roberts Library site to access any and all library and digital resources.
  • Please remember to have students bookmark and use the Roberts Symbaloo to access ALL of our Roberts resources from one place!
  • I have created a Facebook group called, Roberts Teachers Rock. Please use this group as a place for posting great ideas and for seeing the great finds I have found for you on Twitter! It is just beginning, but it will be a great resource to you as it grows!

Accelerated Reader Program

  • AR is open for business.
  • Please see the Teacher Helper document I have created for you.
  • After iStation testing is complete, I will sit down with your grade level to show you how to set goals.
  • Once goals are set, please record them in the AR program AND the library folder (I will show you where).
  • We will run two incentive programs:
  1. Reading Team: This will work the same as Bridget set up. Each grade will have a point goal to reach. If students have met the goal and have at least 80% accuracy, they make the team and receive a t-shirt. The only difference is there will not be a big party at the end of the year (see #2).
  2. AR 9 Weeks Incentive: In exchange for the one huge party at the end of the year, I will host four "medium" size parties at the end of each nine weeks. I have found this does best keeping students motivated throughout the year.
  • To make the 9 week incentive party students must do the following:
  1. Have at least 80% accuracy by the date listed in library folder.
  2. Have met their personal goal that you set at the beginning of the nine weeks.
  3. Have read and passed the test on the genres required for that 9 weeks (see folder)
  4. Maintained honesty while using AR. I do NOT allow students who have been caught cheating on AR to attend ANY of the 9 weeks parties. I have explained this to every class (see Honor Code in library folder).