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Project Based Learning

I was fortunate enough to see outstanding examples of Project Based Learning (PBL) “in action” this past week -–“WOW!”. Engagement, authenticity, deep thinking, connection to character and community, meaningful integration of subjects into purposeful, memorable projects….. the list of lasting learning for students could go on-and-on. As we enter the era where technology, professional practice and student needs are aligning us with the idea of personalized learning, I can see how PBL creates a school experience that really impacts individual students and builds a community of learners as a result. I was inspired at Katherine Smith Elementary School in San Jose because I saw “our students” there. They are a public school battling generational poverty and community concerns. As a school they decided to define what they felt was important for their students’ futures, and they are building it together as a staff.

I saw our students there, but I also saw you…our staff. I saw teamwork, commitment, professional know-how, collegial support, risk taking. The one thing I saw that reminded me of you the most was PASSION. I thought about how fortunate we are as a staff to have that as a foundation for our future.

When I left for my trip Tuesday, Beth Cathcart said she was excited for me to return because she knew we would begin sharpening our lens for 2015-16. She was right---It’s going to be exciting to plan with you for our students’ futures!

I have attached an article that gives some basics of PBL. Please be ready to share on take-away at our staff meeting on Tuesday.

Teacher Leader Feature: Amanda Atkins

Congratulations to Amanda for serving as a Lab Host Classroom last week for PEBC Thinking Strategies Institute. It is amazing how Amanda uses this hosting opportunity to share her practice but also to grow her practice. If you are looking for a "poster child" for Growth Mindset, look no further than Amanda Atkins. She continually keeps her eye on her students' successes and misconceptions to guide her next steps instructionally. She does the same on her own practice--What is working well? Where do I need to learn something new? Who is a good partner for me in this work? Reflection...reflection...reflection. Leading and learning...always!

KPREP Testing Window

Elementary schools in Shelby County will test May 14, May 15, May 18, May 20, May 21

Make ups will occur May 22 and May 26.

Meadowthorpe Lighthouse School Visit Thursday

A group of Southside teachers and Santina Plottner will visit Meadowthorpe Elementary in Lexington this Thursday. We look forward to hearing about their learning and inspiration from this Lighthouse School. http://www.meadowthorpe.fcps.net

Tech Share Fair

I wanted to look ahead to the Share Fair, which happens two weeks from today also at The Learning Center (March 26, 4:00 to 5:30 pm).

To get your FREE ticket, please visit our Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/edtech-share-fair-spring-2015-tickets-15803660173

To take a virtual tour of our Edtech Share Fair, explore this Thinglink page: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/626833573361483778

For a Edtech Share Fair FAQ and a preview of the nine presenters and their tools, see this Smore flyer: https://www.smore.com/dgk17

Be sure to follow our event hashtag: #scsharefair twitter.com/hashtag/Scsharefair

Staff Meeting This Week

  • 7 Habits Staff Booster
  • PBL Artcile “Take Away”
  • TELL Survey Overview
  • Program Review Committee Meetings

This Week at Southside

Monday, March 16

Conference Schedules DUE to Dianna and Marsha

7:50AM March Fire Drill

Planning: RTI Meetings for 5th, 2nd K, 1st grades

Tuesday, March 17

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Krista OUT for OVOP (9:00-12:00)

2:45 Staff Meeting

4:00 SBDM Meeting

6:30 Family Fitness Night

Wednesday, March 18

OPGES Training at The Learning Center

Susie OUT--Lead and Learn @ CO

Santina OUT--Counselor Network Mtg (9:00-12:00 @ OVEC)

Planning: RTI Meetings for 4th and 3rd grades

3:00 Lighthouse Team Meeting (Santina's office) (all welcome)

3:00 3rd grade unit revision meeting (SSE Room 210)

Thursday, March 19

Meadowthorpe Leader in Me Lighthouse School Visit (Santina OUT)

Mr. Neihof Visits SSE classrooms/data teams in AM

Planning: Data Teams (Please invite me to your google doc!)

2:45: Advanced DreamBox Training (Media Center)

ECE Data Team

4:00-7:00 Spring Conferences (PTO providing food for teachers)

Friday, March 20

PICTURE DAY! (rescheduled from snow day)

DEADLINE to spend classroom SBDM funds

Krista OUT for Assistant Principal Meeting (AM only)

Santina OUT ARC and ACCESS Training (9:00-12:30)

7:40 Morning Meeting

PM: Grades 3-5 KPREP Goal Setting Discussions

PTO Father Daughter Dance


March 21 Regional Governor's Cup @ St. Aloysious in Crestwood, KY

March 23-27 Leadership/Career Week @ SSE

March 23 ABRI Committee Meeting (2:45)

March 24 ACCESS 2.0 Testing (11 students only)

March 25 Daytime Kindergarten Registration ((9:00-1:30)

March 26 SCPS Tech Share Fair (4:00 @ The Learning Center)

SSE Energy Team Night (6:00)

March 27 Career Day

March 31 Marsha's Last Day!

Staff Meeting until 5:00

April 1 SSE Drama Performance for Parents/Community (6:00)

April 3 SSE Drama Performance for School

April 6-10 Spring Break

May 1 2014-15 Program Review DUE in ASSIST