Need a break? Travel to Brunei!

Information about Brunei that you need for travelling.

By: Celes Moon and Cameron Renee Burgess

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Capital City

  • Bander Seri Begawan

System of Government

  • Crown prince: Al Muhtadee Billah
  • Prime minister
  • Sultan: Hassanal Bolkiah


  • 5,765 km2
  • Water surrounding 8.6
  • Not landlocked
  • Rain forests
  • The Coastline is next to the South China Sea


  • In 2011 the population was 401,890
  • Over 90 percentage of the total population lives in the 15 of the 38 mukims

Crops and agriculture

  • Rice fields
  • People eat rice, fruit, fisheries, livestock, forestry and vegetables

Natural resources

  • Oil was discovered in 1929 after several fruitless attempts. Founders are F.F Marriot and T.G Cochrane
  • Petroleum, natural gas, timber and tin


  • Tropical and equatorial
  • Average temperature during the year is 26.1 degrees c. The highest temperature in Brunei is:28.3 degrees C The lowest is: 26.2 degrees C
  • Average amount of rainfall is 2873.9(millimeter)