Jane Ball Staff Happenings

Week of May 4-May 8

We appreciate our Teachers and Staff!

Teachers and staff thank you for all your dedication and hard work. Jane Ball students are very fortunate to have so many caring educators to guide them on their journey! Please enjoy your week!

MSI After School Science Club Starts this week!

Tuesday, May 5th, 3:30pm

Jane Ball Elementary School, Cedar Lake, IN, United States Media Center

All Staff is welcome to participate. Please see Lynn Van Meter, Gay Plants or Haley Mandernach if you are not signed up and interested. We will be continuing this next year as well with new units scheduled in the fall. Families of Jane Ball will be receiving free tickets to MSI for May 16 and transportation will be partially funded through this grant.

What's Happening this Week?

May 4-Monday

ISTEP convocation 8:25

Teacher Appreciation Week

ISTEP Grades 3 - 5 (ELA)

SPED Practice Tests

May 5-Tuesday

ISTEP convocation 8:25

Teacher Appreciation Week

ISTEP Grades 3-5 (ELA)


Deb Principals Meeting 9:00 am

MSI Afterschool Science Club 3:30-4:30 Media Center

May 6-Wednesday

Team Leader Meeting 8:00 (Procedure for Class lists)

ISTEP convocation 8:25

Teacher Appreciation Week

ISTEP Grades 3 (ELA) 4 (SCIENCE)


May 7- Thursday

8:00 Team Meeting (Class Lists)

Stock Store Meeting

9:00 Crown Point Foundation Grant Committee

Grade 5 Etiquette Lesson

May 8- Friday

8:00 Reading Committee (Reading Plan)

Staff Luncheon

K: Munching with Moms (2:00 Cafeteria)

Nuts and Bolts

Class Lists and Retentions

I have scheduled extra Team Meetings this week and next so that teams can get class lists complete by Friday May 15. I will begin schedule cross grade level articulation the week of May 18 to discuss placements.


I will be sending emails to teachers that I need to meet with to determine if we will go forward with student retentions that you have submitted. If I missed anyone to set up a meeting please email me right away. If you have a new student concern feel free to contact me as well. Lori has been setting up meetings with parents that we may be recommending retention. I hope to have the final list by next week. There are a few primary students that we still need IREAD K-2 results, benchmarks and NWEA data to make a determination. Thank you for your patience with me as we make informed decisions for our students.

Important Date Reminders!

Mapping with Mary

Grade 4 May 12

Grade 5 May 14

Assessment Design Team May 27

Deficiency Reports are due to be printed May 13. They go home on May 14th.

NWEA: May 11-29

Benchmarks will be due May 29th.

Grades must be completed by 8:00 on Tuesday, June 9th.

The last day of school is June 11.

Teacher Evaluation UPDATE

Reminder that ALL artifacts will be due no later than May 15. I will be starting the process of finalizing the evaluation worksheets. Please email me if you are complete with your submissions.

CPR class

Jake Viehman will be offering a CPR class here at Jane Ball on Saturday May 30th at 9:00 am. Please sign up with Pam if you are interested. The cost is $25. Please make checks out to Jake.

Inquiry Math

Please let me know if you are still interested in attending the Inquiry Math Training for grades 3-5. I am still working on a K-2 if I have enough interest. As some of you have seen on this years ISTEP tests, the tests reflect an inquiry approach to instruction. Dr. Underwood will be conducting the training here at Jane Ball. PGP points are available to those who attend.

Crown Point Foundation

Mr. BJ Hubbard is on the Board at The Crown Point Foundation. As a way to celebrate 25 years of this foundation, board members names were put into a hat and drawn to award and extra grant to organizations named by it's board member. BJ's name was drawn and he named us at Jane Ball! We will be getting a check from the foundation on Thursday morning at 9:00 am. Thank you BJ!