Yes- Haemophilus lnfluenzae Type B

By Rachel Kruse and Anna Krum 3rd period

Flu Type B

The Haemophilus Influenza Type B is a type of Flu which can have devastating results and spread very quickly. To protect the children and their school environment, schoolchildren should be required to get the vaccine before starting school.


1. Haemophilus lnfluenzae Type B is a bacterial infection that can be devastating and deathly to all ages, but the worst outcomes occur in children. Some include dangerous brain infection, meningitis, and other bodily infections.

2. There is no reason not to get the vaccine: the only side effects are a slight fever and maybe some sensitivity at the injection sight. These are likely after all vaccinations and go away quickly. These small effects are so much better than actually getting the infection.

3. It is very important that schoolchildren are required to get this vaccination because of the way it is spread. It is spread through mucus, and from others nose and throat droplets of bacteria. Especially at the young age, colds are likely to spread from lack of hand washing and other sanitation. If required to receive the vaccine, the percent of sickly children will decrease. Also, if one gets sick, it is likely others will too.


When the influenza vaccine was administered to a larger age group from the year 2006-2007, the number of deaths from the flu dropped over 400 people in the United States.