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Seher Nasir / Jayden Hill


“ Video games and computers have become babysitters for kids” ~ Taylor Kitsch. Effects of these games cause lose of sleep eye problems and thousands of other effects. Video games causes health issues among young adults.

effects of video games

A effect of video games is young adults becoming obesity. “ They found that the children who played video games were more likely to be overweight than children who watched television and didn't play video games.” This evidence explains that obesity is very serious and it could lead to health issues. Furthermore, becoming obese can lead to diabetes and in really bad cases it could lead to death. So this is just one of the prime examples why u should not play video games.

solution of video games

A solution to bad habits in video games if limiting the time young adults can play.”A special treatment center in Amsterdam deals with video game addiction, even though the condition has not been classified as an addiction. The first step to being accepted into the facility is admitting powerlessness over the addiction to playing video games.” This evidence explains that young adults do have problems with managing their time on video games.Lastly, decreasing hours on video games will have a huge impact on your life since there will be more time to be able to try new activities.