Webster Primary Center ~ February 1, 2016

A NEW Format for being "in the know"

I was introduced to this AWESOME tool, smore.com, at the PLC conference. I am going to start using this for my weekly communication with you all. I think it's more fun to look at and easy for you to access when you need to check for info.

Teach and Lead like a Pirate

I was very inspired at the PLC conference by a Missouri principal, Beth Houf. I went to her session "Lead Like a Pirate" that is a companion to "Teach Like a Pirate". Prepare yourselves! I am excited by this and want to share what I learned while inspiring you all as well.
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I know the next 2 nights are going to be long, but they are so important for us, students, and parents. I found this great little bit of advice and thought I'd share because I know we have all experience these odd moments with parents.

Be Prepared for Surprises

Parents sometimes surprise us with negative or personal questions or comments: "My son's teacher bullied him all last year." "My daughter's lazy. She never tries at anything." "My husband doesn't care about Mark. He never comes to these conferences." "My wife's divorcing me. Things are falling apart."

What can you do in such an instance?

  • Steer the conversation back to positives: "I'm sorry things didn't go well for Adam last year. But because our time is limited, I'd like to focus on what we can accomplish this year if we work together."
  • Focus on the child: "You seem to be going through some tough stuff right now. I wonder if that's taking Jasmine's attention away from school. What do you think we might do to help her concentrate?"
  • Listen with empathy: "That must be hard" or "You've been through a lot" can help parents feel heard without injecting your own opinion or advice.
  • Offer to get help: "You seem to be wondering what to do next. Our school counselor may have some ideas for you."

February Character Theme: RESPECT!

Make sure you are reviewing and focusing on this trait. Refer to the packet of character ed resources I gave you at the beginning of the year.
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Calendar of Events

February 1

Conference night 1

Evidence 3 due in Talent Ed

Dinner from Cafe Janice

February 2

Conference night 2

Dinner from PTO

February 3

NO SMART Club - send notes

February 4

Jean Day

February 5


*stay home *sleep in *enjoy your family *be lazy *do what YOU want!


*1st Grade will be taking the CAT next week, so there will be no Title I push in or pull out on Thursday (2/4) as they prepare the test booklets

*1st Grade keep asking for Valentine's Day candy

*Early Dismissal 2/12

11:00 1st lunch in rooms, 2nd recess

11:30 2nd lunch in rooms, 1st recess

12:00 parties in rooms

12:30 end and ready to leave

12:40 early bus

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