Hemophilia B

By Logan Deaton

Different names for Hemophilia B

Factor IX Deficiency, Christmas disease, and Royal disease

What is the cause of the disorder?

The disorder is caused by a missing or defective clotting protein. This is also known as factor IX. The disease comes from the female's recessive-linked X chromosome. Ways you can check to see if you have it when pregnant is by looking into the family tree, DNA test, or have a test for your clotting factor.

Picture's of Hemophilia B

Hemophilia B

Symptoms and the treatments and More

Hemophilia B mostly affects males but women can be affected. The symptom for Hemophilia B is excessive blood loss when injured. A treatment could be taking FIX product medicine. You could also have factor therapy. You could also go to Hemophilia Treatment Centers. Hemophilia is a lifelong disease and can not be prevented. There is no cure but scientist believe the cure is gene therapy.