What To Expect

By Summer Beebe

1st Trimester

In the first trimester the baby's brain, spinal chord, heart and other organs begin to form. The heart will begin pumping blood, and basic facial features will begin forming by week 6. In week 7 is when the brain and face are rapidly forming. In weeks 8 through 10, the arms, legs, fingers begin to develop. By week 11, outside genitalia has startrd forming and red blood cells are forming in the liver. In week 12, fingernails are developing and the baby takes on a human profile. The woman will experience symptoms such as sore breasts, fatigue and frequent urination. Ricocheting emotions are common due to fluctuating hormones. Morning sickness, breast growth and other tissue changes are also very common.
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2nd Trimester

In this trimester, the baby will begin to form urine, and discharge it. The baby's sex is also becomes apparent. In this trimester the baby's skeleton and scalp hair develops. The baby may begin making sucking motions, and will start to accumulate fat. For girls, a uterus and vagina will begin to develop in this trimester. The baby will be able to swallow and their hair becomes visible. The baby may respond to your voice with movement. In this trimester the mother feel dizzy, off balanced and experience abdominal pain, as well as the symptoms described in the first trimester.
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3rd Trimester

In this trimester, the baby will be able to blink their eyes, which have newly developed eyelashes. The baby will be growing hair, and developing eyesight and the baby's brain will ne developing billions of neurons. In the 3rd trimester, it is very important to have a diet rich in nutrients to meet the demands of the developing baby.

Advice for incoming fathers:

You can help the mother of your child in a few ways. When the mother of your child is experiencing fluctuating hormones, you can always be supportive and understanding. Do not put the mother under any unneeded stress.