NRTSO 10_13_15

Northern Region Teacher Shout Out


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OHVA's Mary Beth Manley is a Super Teacher!

How do you get students excited about CC sessions and gradebook checks? If you're Mary Beth, you dress up like a super hero and talk to trees, of course!

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MVCA's Heather Shue (HS English) with THINK + PAIR + SHARE

What you can’t see: Heather gave students two minutes to private chat a classmate and tell them what they thought the verb, subject, direct object, and indirect object were, then had them share out to the rest of the class!

Benefits: Builds classroom culture and social accountability for engagement!

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CVCS Middle School Advisory

I wanted to share with you an advisory program that our 6th grade teacher, Ms. Jenny Riley is implementing this year. The whole middle school has been asked to create a student self-assessment of learning to administer at least quarterly to their students through our grading system, Jupiter Grades. Ms. Riley has taken this a step further and created 30 minute advisory session where she will connect with students and review their progress and reflections. I believe this is student-centered teaching at its best. She is putting the kids in charge of their own learning and teaching them how to access the information they need to evaluate themselves.

- Gail Marshall

Advisory Progress/Reflection Questions

1. What is my current grade for math and writing?

2. Did I complete all assignments for learning center and class connect on time?

a. If not, list any incomplete assignments here:

3. Am I on track with my OLS lessons in: Math, GUM, Vocab, Science, & History? If not sure, check with Ms. Riley. If behind, list how many lessons you are behind in each course.

4. Did I attend all my learning center and class connect sessions?

a. If not, list the sessions you missed here:

5. What is one thing I did that helped me be successful in my learning over the past two weeks?

6. What did I find most interesting in my learning over the past two weeks?

7. Is there anything that I am still confused about or struggled with over the past two weeks?

8. Did I ask questions in class (LC or CC) or privately (kmail or learning coach) when I didn’t understand?

9. Is there anything I can do differently over the next two weeks to be even more successful in my learning?

10. Habit #1 Reflection Question: In what way are you going to be more PROACTIVE in your life for the next month?

MVCA's Sean Kerwin, MS Special Education KWHL

Know, Want to know, How do we know, Learned… Minion Style!!

Used for: Breaking down long word problems and making thinking visible!

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Padlet and Voicethread at OHVA

Lisa Beaulieu

OHVA HS English 403

Canterbury Tales Intro

Lisa's use of tech tools to engage students in assessing their prior knowledge on this new unit of study.

Lisa adapts learning for her students by providing choice, and this instills ownership over the learning for her senior English 403 students.

MVCA's Leeann Kish, MS ELA Intervention DOK

Taking it to the next level, Leeann introduced depth of knowledge practices even in the first class of the school year with a simple activity such as getting to know a classmate!

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MVCA's Jenni Kanine, MS ELA

TLAC Strategy “Everybody Writes” about their Prior Knowledge! Jenni does an AMAZING job soliciting student prior knowledge when it comes to new content, especially with complex new vocabulary!

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MVCA's Jesse Wesley, HS Physics

Predict, Observe, Explain

Strategy for engaging students cognitively and experiencing phenomena to explain content in their own words and using their own experiences! Jesse used this strategy with his lesson on Newton’s 1st Law!

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