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Column by Tommy Hailey

There is more efficient production

Inventions like the steam engine and other inventions before the Industrial times made getting supplies and goods faster and reduce the time in working labor and later helped create the things people need today!

Cheaper Products

Along with making production processes more efficient, the Industrial Revolution also resulted in dramatically lower prices for goods. This was due to the shortened amount of time needed to produce goods, as well as the costs saved for labor.

Major Increase In Job Opportunities

Factories began to pop up everywhere during this time, which needed employees to run and manage them. This created tremendous job growth and also provided the opportunity for new products and inventions to be designed and produced.

Spectacular Motivation, Changing The World

With all of the new and innovative things that began to emerge out of this time period, people became more motivated and educated than over. This spurred a large amount of useful inventions that are still widely used and pertinent in today’s modern world. Some of this include the light bulb, the telephone, and X-rays.

New inventions

The image on my right shows new inventions during the time of the revolution and the cotton gin and shows the innovation in technology