The Road to Recovery

By Gia Cooper and Evelyn Castaneda

Its Time

Here at Legacy Freedom Centers we change lives and hear your stories and provide the help and understanding in order for your recovery.


Here at Legacy Freedom Centers we up lift your desire and determination to be clean


Addiction is a serious issue and is harder to manage as a person gets older.The goal of our programs are to educate young people and others with the proper understanding, tools and desire to fight addiction and substance abuse


For each person there is a customize approach to their recovery

We can Help

Legacy Freedom Centers treat addiction and substance abuse and provide many 30-90 day inpatient treatment programs.
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Illnesses treated

We help you eliminate depression, anxiety, guilt, anger, and stress. We can improve the perspective and quality of life and


Group therapy. Group counceling. individual therapy and alternitive therapy

Our Programs

You: Drug addiction and alcohol addiction

Drug rehabilitation can not be easily defined because drug addiction affects each person differently. Alcohol rehabilitations: Depending on the your situation, medical alcohol detox may be required before alcohol rehabilitation can be effective. And then we treat for the mental part associated with alcohol abuse. We focus more on individual counseling and programs like adventure therapy, meditation, and physical training.
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Our Differences*

Legacy Freedom is not a traditional 12-step treatment center nor do we offer Methadone or Suboxone treatments.

Our differences*

This is not a live-in program, but still requires serious commitment.

Legacy Freedom Centers😊

Our Information

Your Not Alone

We'll be by your side every step of the way to make sure your treatments fit with who you are and are working to create a drug/alcohol-free you!