Sexism and Other Forms of Prejudice

From foot binding to male preference

To What Extent Can Prejudice Be Overcome

We think of prejudice as this thing that we no longer have in our world, but it is not. If we continue to blindly walk through life without changing our paths we will step on someone. We will hurt others by our way of thinking. Prejudice is a huge thing in our world today, from racism to sexism to being outcast because of disease. We may never ever overcome prejudice, but if we try at least we can cut down on it. Gandhi said "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." Except, no one sees the change and no one can be the change because they refuse to open their eyes. Prejudice is not just hating someone because of a choice they make. Prejudice is being horrible to someone and making their life a living hell because they are different, regardless of whether they chose to be different or not. I believe that prejudice can in fact be overcome but only if we all work together. If everyone stops caving in to prejudice and looks at the true beauty of all people then I believe we can overcome prejudice.


Quote 1

"Ties That Bind Ties That Break"

Lensey Namioka

P. 28

"Having bound feet must have been agony for Second Sister, Eldest Sister, Mother, Grandmother, and generations of other women. What was more, they didn't suffer just for an instant, the pain must have gone on and on for weeks, months and years. I'll never let them do this to me, I vowed to myself. Never! Never!"

I chose this because it demonstrates that Ailin is becoming an agent of change. She decided that she should not have to follow tradition. She is choosing to do this because the pain of foot binding is something no one should go through. She is planning on speaking out and this could play a role in changing an ancient tradition. The repercussions of this could change women's rights in China forever.

Quote 2

"Ties That Bind Ties That Break"

Lensey Namioka

P. 49

"It's hard enough when the girl has big feet, but an educated girl with big feet will be quite impossible to marry off."

In this quote I believe Ailin is a victim, she is being victimized because of her feet but also because she yearns to learn. Her grandmother does not believe she has any chance of a future because of her large feet and education. This is an act of oppression which she attempted to overcome but was not able to because she chose to listen to the people who criticize her.

Quote 3

"Ties That Bind Ties That Break"

Lensey Namioka

P. 68

"My classmates who had bound feet did their best to make me feel like a social outcast. But who had decided that bound feet were unacceptable in the first place?"

This quote shows the thought process of Ailin. As she ponders the reason she is a social outcast she realizes that she shouldn't be. It is now evident that she can see the change in our world, this makes her an agent of change. Ailin is now able to recognize that the world cant change unless we change it ourselves.



The Xinhai Revolution in 1911 made it possible for women to have their own rights. It changed the way of everything in China. After the Revolution many women sought an education and even became teachers and doctors. This was huge because women had never had that ability before. In "Ties That Bind Ties That Break" we watch a young girl as she struggles because of a decision that should not be a decision. All girls should have the ability to choose if they want to live in agony for a lifetime. No one, especially not the ones they call the weakest should have to suffer to please men.

Ties That Bind Ties That Break


This poem is a piece of evidence that I think really fits the message. It makes you think, and when people think things happen. The real message of this poem is not that they want to feel useful and have equality. The message is that they need to feel these things. This poem is very strong in the way it calls men out. Women are just as good at everything as men. We need to face the facts that sexism is wrong and that, while maybe it was acceptable in Ancient Rome it isn't now.

Women, the name itself says everything,

Spending their entire existence for equality,
Hoping that society will finally give them a chance,
Hoping that society will provide them with an equal opportunity.

Women, they have to deal with the stress and burdens,
Spending their entire lives hearing, “This is a man’s job,”
Hoping that man will finally give them the respect they deserve,
Hoping that they too can run a corporation and not feel robbed.

Women, we abuse them more than we properly use them,
Spending their entire existence kneeling and obeying,
Not giving them a chance to speak for themselves,
Shutting them out every chance we get, as a man, what are we portraying.

Women, they’ve sacrificed so much for us,
Spending their entire lives trying to pleasure us,
Hoping that they would be recognized for the good they have done,
And not for the gentle touch, and their natural talent to caress.

Women, they deserve so much more than we are giving them,
Spending their entire existence fighting, every morning, every night,
Hoping that society will finally give them everything they’ve fought for,
Hoping that society will finally recognize their cause, and give them their rights.

Womens Rights (StephaneThePoet)


Susan B. Anthony spoke up for her right to vote. She paid a one hundred dollar fine for illegally voting in a presidential election. She made this speech to the public after this fine was unfairly laid on her. I believe that Susan B. Anthony was an agent of change, she saw the way life was, and knew that it was not how it should be. She spoke out and changed women's rights and was fined for her actions.

"Friends and fellow citizens: I stand before you tonight under indictment for the alleged crime of having voted at the last presidential election, without having a lawful right to vote. It shall be my work this evening to prove to you that in thus voting, I not only committed no crime, but, instead, simply exercised my citizen's rights, guaranteed to me and all United States citizens by the National Constitution, beyond the power of any state to deny." -Susan B. Anthony, 1872


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Xinhai Revolution

I chose the flag of the Xinhai Revolution because it symbolizes the birth of Chinese Women's Rights. When the Xinhai Revolution began they started to allow many women to go with unbound feet. Many people actually forced women to "liberate" their feet, this liberation was more painful then the original binding. After time the liberated feet did repair themselves back to regular size. The effect of the Xinhai Revolution on China was ground-breaking, it was the first time in Chinese history that such an event had occurred.