Sumner High School & Academy 2027

"The Week Ahead" Newsletter (5/10/21-5/16/21)

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Happy Mothers Day to all mothers! Thanks for making this world so full of love by the touch of your motherhood! Sumner wants to thank every mom, grandmother, aunt, guardian, and all who are in such an important role on this mother’s day for all that they do. You all are superwomen.
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Thank You to our Sumner student organizations, clubs, PTSA, Athletic Boosters, and the many families and community members who contributed and donated gift cards, meals, and their time to recognizing our wonderful teachers and faculty. They enjoyed all sorts of goodies during Teacher Appreciation Week!!
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Sumner High School and Academy 2027 wants to celebrate Mental Health Week and fight the negative stigmas sometimes associated with mental health. Sumner wants their students to know that we are here for them. We encourage our students and faculty to participate next week!!

Message Monday- Students and staff are encouraged to share positive messages by creating posters, wall art, and sidewalk chalk displays promoting kindness, mindfulness activities, and mental health awareness quotes and/or slogans.

Tuesday- Team Up Against Stigma- Students and staff will wear a favorite “team sport” t-shirt, jersey, or other attire to team up and help reduce stigma associated with mental illness.

** Academy 2027 students may participate and wear their favorite sport shirt or jersey and jeans. Any Academy student not participating must wear their school uniform. The HCPS dress code will be enforced.

Wellness Wednesday- Students and staff are invited to implement activities to promote positive and healthy coping strategies. Wellness activities may include deep breathing, stopping and stretching, listening to music, creating a piece of art, or walking outside. Check out the Mindful Minute Exercise Link Posted on Sumner Teams.

Tie-dye Thursday- Students and staff are encouraged to wear a variety of colors or Tie-Dye outfits to show a wide range of emotions that students can experience and express in healthy ways.

** Academy 2027 students may participate with their favorite tie-dye shirt and jeans. Any Academy student not participating must wear their school uniform. The HCPS dress code will be enforced.

Fabulous Friday- Encourage all students and staff to incorporate something green into their Friday fashion in honor of May is Mental Health Month. Let's dress in our school colors to support and celebrate Sumner HS & Academy 2027 and Mental Health together.

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General PTSA Zoom Meeting [5/20 at 6 pm]

Dear Sumner High School and Academy Parents:

My name is Yolemni Espinal-Colon; my youngest of three children is a freshman at Sumner High School.

The PTSA is ready to take off and finish this school year with a strong plan for the coming year!

Our Teacher’s Liaison is Ms. Valerie DeLuca, and Treasurer Kimberly Williams.

I have the honor of being the current President for the remainder of the year. A general assembly Zoom PTSA meeting will be scheduled on May 20th at 6 pm, to close out the year and vote for the board that would remain or any new members interested in serving next school year. Zoom information for the meeting will be sent out next week.

--Yolemni Espinal-Colon Sumner (

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SHS Inaugural NHS Chapter Induction Ceremony

The Sumner HS National Honor Society inducted it's first student class on Thursday, May 6th.

NHS Inductees:

Maqualla Alston, Janice Baez, Hannah Barsoum, Angleisse Bent, Aleisha Brunner, Dana Campbell, Hailey Cautard, Sofia Celis, Megan DeVilliers, Vince Diballa, Jalena Dinh, Adriana Duran Malave, Mykai Ferrare, Victoria Fox, Elizabeth Henley, Alexis Hernandez, Julia Hunter, Savannah Johnson, Anja Johnson-Brown, Megan Kiester, Mykhala Lowery, Chi Mai, Xiomara Martinez-Bamaca, Sidney Monge, Melissa Norman, Kortney Okechukwu, Georgia Parson, Mia Perez-Iglesias, Jadyn Peterson, Natchly Quinones, D'Andre Reid, Jacqueline Reid, Kendall Robinson, Katie Rocha, Hailey Ross, Jalen Salomon, Alexandra Schilling, Ahlam Shihadeh, Simeon Shumpert, Ya'Nia Stroud, Kayla VanBuren, Kiana Walton

NHS Officers:

President-- Kayla VanBuren

Vice President-- MyKhala Lowery

Secretary-- Sydney Monge

Treasurer-- Dana Campbell

Historian-- Jalena Dinh

Thank You to Ms. Fullam and Ms. Ferraro (Co-Sponsors) for their leadership and organizing a fantastic ceremony.

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Our AWESOME band put on a Spring Band Concert on Tuesday, May 4th in the Stadium. The HS band, Jazz band, Orchestra, and MS band played a total of 21 songs at their concert. They were jamming to classical tunes, including a John Williams melody. Thank You to our band director, Mr. Sorey, for organizing and directing a great night of music. It is cool to play in the band and orchestra at Sumner HS & Academy 2027!!
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Faculty Honor Roll: Never too late to APPRECIATE!!

Students and Parents-- Sumner HS & Academy 2027 has started a Faculty Honor Roll. Faculty Honor Roll recognizes our entire faculty for the great things they do for our students and families. Please consider requesting a Faculty Honor Roll postcard(s) and write a note of gratitude and/or acknowledgement for the tremendous work our teachers and faculty members do for your children.

The process to complete a FHR postcard: Faculty Honor Roll postcards will be available in the main office (Ms. Byrd will be bring some postcards to the Academy dismissal as well), write a special note to your teacher, teachers, and/or faculty member, and drop it off in the main office. We will deliver the special note to the teacher for you.

The Administration HIGHLY ENCOURAGES our students and parents to show the appreciation we have for teachers and faculty. #bethepositivedifference

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IMPORTANT: High School FSA Testing Information-- PLEASE READ

Testing Dates for Spring 2021 FSA ELA Assessments (ALL 9th & 10th Graders):

FSA Reading for eLearning Testers: 2 Day Test (Testers must report to school by 8:15am and should be finished testing by 11:00am.)

9th & 10th Grade Students - May 17 & 18

Testing Dates for Spring 2021 EOC Assessments (ALL Students Currently Taking EOC Courses)

Algebra 1 EOC for ALL Testers: 2 Day Test (Students Taking Algebra 1 and Algebra 1B) -

May 11 & 12

Geometry EOC for ALL Testers: 2 Day Test (Students Taking Geometry and Geometry Honors) - May 13 & 14

Biology EOC for ALL Testers: 1 Day Test (Students Taking Biology and pre-AICE Biology) -

May 19

US History EOC for ALL Testers: 1 Day Test (Students Taking US History, US History Honors, and AICE US History) - May 20


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As a reminder, all public school students are required to participate in the statewide standardized assessment program required by section 1008.22, F.S. in Reading, Math, Science, Writing, and Social Studies in specific grades and courses. If a parent has made a request for their student to "opt-out" of testing and is present on the initial scheduled day of a test, they must sit for the test as required by statute. Students who are absent on the day(s) of testing will be provided make-ups opportunities.

The 10th Grade FSA ELA is a reading graduation benchmark test. If a student does not sit for the 10th Grade FSA ELA, they are able to meet this graduation requirement via ACT or SAT. High school students are also provided additional attempts in their junior and senior years to take the 10th Grade FSA ELA Retake test to meet this benchmark.

Along with the FSA ELA at for 10th Grade, End of Course tests (EOCs) also carry additional statutory requirements. Per statute 1008.22, EOC scores are 30% of the student’s final grade. While the ELA assessment has alternate tests to meet promotion or benchmark criteria, the student who does not sit for the EOC in tested courses will receive an NG (no grade) on their report card until they take the test. EOC tests are given in Algebra, Geometry, US History, Civics, and Biology.

Academy Students and Parents: In an effort to provide your child with the best testing environment possible, we want to make sure that you are aware of upcoming testing dates. Once again, all students must be physically on campus to participate in FSA testing.

FSA Math (Double Accelerated)-- May 13th - May 14th [8th grade test-6th grade students]

The testing window is short, so please make sure your child is present and arrives on time. Please encourage and support your child with their assessments by ensuring he/she gets a good night's sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, reviews content at home, and brings an "I Can DO" attitude. Thank you for your support and continued efforts in preparing our students for spring testing.

Students: Let these sites help prepare you for upcoming testing

Students and Parents: The following below sites offer students the opportunities to practice their skills for their upcoming FSA and/or EOC exams. We highly encourage our students to access and participate in these resources (free of charge). Please check them out!!

Clever: HCPS sponsors this portal that contains Achieve 3000 and other student resources.

Achieve 3000:

Khan Academy
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The Inaugural Sumner HS & Academy 2027 Yearbook HAS ARRIVED!!

We have extra books. Do NOT miss out!!

There’s still time to order >> Go to and use school code 21599.

Use 21601 for the Academy book.... because volume one only happens once

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Our Final Academy Coffee Talk for 20/21 was a SUCCESS!!

Our FINAL Academy 2027 Coffee Talk was a SUCCESS!! Thank you to Ms. Byrd, Ms. Maldonado, Mr. Nelson, and the many Academy parents who joined us on this past week.

Some Academy FSA notes to remember:

We discussed FSA testing dates and pick up times for our students who are E-learning. . Students who attend school on campus will stay the entire school day on test dates.

Test Dates:

FSA Math (Double Accelerated): May 13th & May 14th

Drop Off Time: 8 - 8:25 am

Pick-Up Time (E-learning students only): May 13th – 10:30 am & May 14th – 11:45 am


A decision on Extramurals for our Academy students will come by the end of May. We will communicate the final outcome. Either way of the decision, our Academy athletics program (intramurals or extramurals) will be modified and improved for the 21/22 school year.


Sumner HS will have one PTSA organization for the 21/22 school year. However, we are seeking Academy members who will serve on the board and/or committees to assist with Academy 2027 initiatives.


Buy the Inaugural Sumner HS & Academy 2027 Yearbook!!! We do have books available. Please see the Yearbook section in this newsletter and/or contact Holly Talley through CANVAS or email with questions.

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The Urban League of Hillsborough County’s 2021 Summer Reading Contest

The mission of the Urban League of Hillsborough County (ULHC) is to bring about and assist with the achievement of economic equity. One has to know their history in order to plan and execute an effective plan for positive growth and results. It is also paramount to “Know the Game” in order to “Play the Game”.

The ULHC is hosting a Book Report contest for the reading of “Caste” by Isabel Wilkerson.

Who is invited to compete: Rising High School Seniors, graduating Class of 2022

How will the winner be determined? The reports will be submitted to the ULHC and judged by several Community Leaders and Journalist

What is the prize: $1,000.00 to be paid directly for college (Books or Tuition) or post secondary training related cost

The contest will start: Upon notification to the ULHC that you want to participate and compete for the scholarship we will be noticed of your intent to participate. Your submitted interest must be made to by May 15, 2021.

Upon your notification for participation you will be given the questions that you must address with your submission.

When will the contest be completed: On or before August 1, 2021 you must submit your response to

Again, please submit your intent participate to: or via mail to ULHC, P.O. Box 130303, Tampa, Fl 33681 by May 15, 2021

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ELP Tutoring

We have ELP tutoring available Tuesday through Thursday from 3:40 pm - 4:40 pm and Saturdays from 9 am - 12 pm. All students are invited if they are requesting assistance with their academic studies or skills. All students can speak with their teachers, guidance counselor, administrators, and/or Ms. Jamie Miller, Success Coach, for more details.

ELP Math Tutoring

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GOOD LUCK to our students who will take their first-ever AICE exams this week!!! Your teachers have prepared you to DO YOUR BEST!! WE BELIEVE!!
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