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Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

UFO means "unidentified flying object", and is often used to describe alien spacecraft, or other craft expected to me piloted or made by aliens (even though any unknown object in the air qualifies). Every year, thousands of alien or UFO reports are filed and examined by authorities and UFO fans alike.


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UFO Encounters

UFO encounters are rare, and usually very mysterious. Many different types of crafts are reported, and descriptions are vague or hard to understand, which makes every encounter a mystery of its own.

Even though all encounters are different, most fall under four categories, all of which represent a different level contact.

-Close encounters of the first kind:

In these encounters,witnesses see the craft, and it leaves no physical evidence that it was ever there.

-Close encounters of the second kind:

In these types of encounters, witnesses see the UFO, and after leaving, physical evidence like burn marks or debris.

-Close encounters of the third kind:

Encounters like these are special. In these occurrences, aliens are seen outside the craft, or there may be no seen craft.

-Close encounters of the fourth kind:

These encounters are the most special. In these interactions (yes, interactions), aliens are seen and interacted with. Any abductions fit into these categories, which makes this category both filled with interesting cases, and the most prone to hoaxes, as most people fake video or make stories about being abducted by aliens.

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The Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting (1947)

One of the more famous UFO sighting, the Kenneth Arnold Sighting was an incident observed, as they name says, by Kenneth Arnold. Kenneth was flying in his personal plane, at 9,000 degrees altitude, near Mt. Rainier, when he saw arrangement of nine bright, glowing objects heading south. He reported this to UFO community , saying they traveled at 1,500 mph, and moved like "a saucer if you skipped it across water", this was the origin of the term "Flying Saucer".