Family Resource Letter

Tonasket Middle School

TMS parents

Many of you have reached out asking for help on how to best support your student during this unprecedented time. While we don’t have all of the answers here are a few resources and tips for success. Remember we’re all in this together!


In the coming weeks tutoring will be available for Middle School students from our paraprofessionals and recent THS graduates through the after school program. If you find your student would benefit from these services please contact their general education teacher to be referred. Morning and afternoon options will be available with 30-minute time blocks

Tips for Digital Learning:

  1. Find a routine and stick with it
  2. Set short and long term goals with a reward for completion
    • Ideas- Later bedtime, pick a movie for family night or get out of a chore.
  3. We all learn differently
    • Take notes, listen to quiet music, make flashcards (try Quizlet), take breaks, snacks, stretch.
  4. Designate a spot for schoolwork, consistency helps us remember.

Social Emotional:

If your family is experiencing personal difficulties including but not limited to physical/ substance abuse, homelessness, suicidal/self harm ideation and isolating behaviors contact your counselor at or 509-486-2147

Ask for help!

Your office staff, principal, counselor, teachers and paras are here to support the whole family and have a whole team of resources ready. Take a deep breath, you’re doing an amazing job.