Daisy Fay Buchanan:

Years: 1919-1922

Daisy Buchanan:

Daisy Buchanan is the wife of Tom Buchanan, Daisy is Gatsby's lover and she comes from old money which means she is born into riches. Daisy has one daughter named Pammy and she is in an unhappy marriage with Tom Buchanan.

Daisy Fay Engaged To Be Married:

Gatsby has left and Daisy cannot wait to see him. Daisy gets tired of waiting and meets Tom Buchanan who gives her a high priced pearl necklace & Daisy falls in love but doesn't forget about her true love Gatsby. Daisy doesn't really love Tom but its forced into her marriage.

What does Tom think?

Tom Buchanan is aware of the affair between Gatsby and his wife. Daisy tells Gatsby that she loves him right in front of her husband and he becomes astounded in disbelief.

To Daisy:

I have never stopped loving you Daisy, you are the woman of my dreams. I dream of the day when I will look back into your beautiful eyes and you will become mine again.
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