All about Australia

by Andrew

Current population of australia 23.13 million

Currrent population structured in terms of : age and gender

0-14 years male 2,075,316/female 1,969,645

15-24years male 1,534,947/female 1,457,250

25-54 years male 4,783,473/female 4,626,603

55-64 years male 1,321,246/female 1,341,329

65 and over male 1,569,197/female 1,828,611

Average life expectancy 82 years

Population distributed? rural

How has population changed over time? slowly increase

Future of the population? slowly increase

How secure is each country food supply? produce enough food today to feed around 60 million people and they don't get effect

Significant health care concerns in each country? heart disease

Current events that are causing changes. heart disease, fresh water shortages

Most significant environmental problems/concerns facing the population? water, climate change, coal, oceans, biodiversity, population, transport, ourselves

works cited identity crisis. identity crisis