Teens Against Hitler

By: Cooper Smock

My Opinion on a Partisan's

In my opinion the partisans were hero's to me. They played as sort of the undercover force fighting from the inside.

Partisan Operations

The Partisans never gave up fighting against the Nazi's. Part of there religion is to is to stay in the country were they were.
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Why Jewish Culture

They did that so after the the war it won't be hard to go back to the way that they did live. And also they where helping the jews and maybe when the would rescue them they wanted them to feel good or at home.

What Were Zemlyanka And Why us Them

Zemlyanka were holes or tunnels, or some people would think of them as bunkers nut they were under ground. They would use them so they were not in the open for he Nazi's to see them.
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What Did They Eat! How Did they Get Food.

They ate bread and other quick accentual's that they needed. Most of the food that they did obtain came from a central store that would be close to the Camp.

What Did The Partisans Face as Problems.

When they would move to different places since there was snow on the ground it would melt and they would have no place to sit unless they got wet. the obstacle that it created for them is now they had to walk with sitting so there legs were really tired.

Why Join The Partisans.

Ben and some of his other friends that he convinced to join the partisans because they wanted to defy the enemy and survive. They wanted to make a change and free the Jews and kill the Nazi's.
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What Did They Risk Joining.

The Most Important thing is that they risked there lives. They would hide in the forest away from the Nazi soldiers and they would not see the families.