Computer Hardware

Rebecca Holt

Hard Drive HDD/SSD

The Hard Drive, also known as the HDD, is used for storing the information kept on your computer, such as: photos, documents, music and videos. Inside it looks kind of like a record player, with an arm that reads the information you are looking for on the disc inside. Most computers that we use today have HDD's inside them but some such as the apple computers use SSD cards. SSD's are the same as HDD's but are smaller, sleaker and quicker to use. For things such as the macbook air SSD's are used to keep it thin and sleak. If a HDD was used it would be more chunky and wouldn't be as quick.

Optical Drive

The optical deive is the part of a computer that takes in your CD's, DVD's and games. You have these in most computers as well as DVD players and games consoles. The optical drive reads the information on the disc and plays and installs in on the computer. Some computers such as the macbook air don't contain optical drives so that the computer can be very thin and the information from the CD's can be downloaded from the internet.


A monitor is the screen on your computer, phone, tv or even your ipod. It displays the informatin that you want on your computer so you can see it. A monitor is one of the most important essentials that you use on your tachnological devices.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU is the brain of the computer and tells or the different parts of the computer what to do. The biggest manufacturer of CPU's is intel but other companies including apple make their own too. The amount of stoage on a CPU is measured in Hertz and gigga Hertz.