Venezuelan Protest in 2014

By: Tavia Harris

Background information

  • Their was scarce supply of every basic good.
  • Their was food shortages, broke government and crime that broke because of it was protested.
  • Nicolas Maduro blames the U.S. for the shortage.
  • The government doesn't have enough money to put towards basic needs and wants
  • People were dying because they didn't have basic tools for surgery and medicines

Information about the protest

Crime and riots started to break out.

Three U.S. diplomats expelled because of suspicion about them plotting against the government.

Effects of the protest

  • At the beginning of the protest about 42 people had died
  • later in the protest about 25,000 people were killed
  • They had the second highest murder rate

How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protest?

The people in Venezuela believed they should have their basic needs met so they committed crime and protested to get the governments attention to meet their basic needs.

Caracas chaos video: Gunfire, clashes as 3 dead in violent Venezuela protests