Verona Chronicles

Whats Going On?

Tragedy In Verona

The story begins when a fight breaks out in the streets of Verona between the Monatgues and the Capulets. This leads to conflict between the two lovers family's. Romeo and Juliet meet at a party held by the Capulet's later in the story. Romeo instantly falls in love with Juliet and suddenly forgets about his first love "Rosaline". They have a dance and sneak away from the party to have a conversation. This leads to kissing and the discussion of a possible love affair. After several secret meetings with his beloved Juliet, Romeo asks for her hand in marriage. Juliet then sneaks to Friar Laurence's cell where they were secretly pronounced husband and wife. Lord Capulet agrees to marry Juliet to Paris not knowing that she was married to Romeo. Juliet first considers suicide then she goes to Friar Laurence for a better solution. She drinks poison that puts her in a 2 day coma. Romeo finds Juliet sleeping and assumes that she is dead. Romeo soon discovered that Prince Paris was at the tomb also and kills him. Romeo then kills himself after realizing what he has done. Juliet awakes to two dead bodies, one of them being her beloved Romeo. She then takes the knife from her lovers hands and stabs her self.
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Proposal from Prince Paris

Great News Citizens of Verona!

Prince Paris has announced the date for his wedding. We must wait and see who the lucky bride to be is.