Weeks of January 4 - 15, 2016

Midterm presentations are over!!
These past two weeks were very challenging for the students as they had to maneuver time management, organization, presentation, writing papers and creating visuals in all of their classes. With that comes periods of frustration, either avoidance or over-thinking and for many, a feeling of self-confidence for knowing they are able to achieve.

Report cards will be sent out by Friday, January 22nd.

Tuesday we eagerly begin our new semester with a few new additions:
* Welcome Mrs. Lakdawala who will be teaching science and 6th/7th grade math. Mrs. Lakdawala has her degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery as well as a masters in education. In addition, she has vast experience with technology and will be able to bring out another side of the creativity and artistic skills of our students.

*Transition time with Dr. Weiner will take place every morning prior to the first class of the day. The purpose is to spend 10 minutes relaxing, breathing and getting ourselves centered.

*We still have tickets left for Norma. Please bring in your $25 on Tuesday. 1 parent may attend as well.


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Karina Sousa Visits CPS

Karina, alumna of the Class of '15, returned home for the holidays and visited her friends and teachers at CPS. Karina attends Valencia College, known as "The Gateway to UCF." She chose this school because she preferred a small class-setting with direct teacher contact, while being surrounded by the larger college-life experience.

Karina told us that her first semester was a period of growth. “It was a time to get to know myself and what I am capable of achieving.” Karina completed her first semester of freshman year with straight As. She attributes much of her success to the skills she learned and the preparation she received at Conservatory Prep Schools.

"In college," says Katrina, "I had to learn independence. The teachers were great, but it was up to me to make sure I did what I had to do. Assignments were given in classes; no one checks to see if you do your homework, or tells you to study. Assignments are due at certain times, and that's it. It is up to the students to schedule their time wisely. College is hard but it is supposed to be. There are weeks when I had three papers due and tests all at the same time, but I set a plan and did it. I also have an "Awesome" button, that I press when I need to hear how awesome I am.”

Karina stated that she used some of the organizational skills she learned here at CPS. “At the beginning of the semester I went out and bought myself all of the supplies I would need. I color-coded my classes just like we did at CPS. It helped me with my nerves; I felt prepared.”

Karina did have to adjust to some traditional styles of teaching and assessment, but credited her strong research and study skills to her years of learning through problem-based learning methods. “When a lot of stuff was dumped on my plate, I knew what to do to get started.” Karina's face lit up when she said to me, "My favorite part of my favorite class was the large presentation. My professor said it would be the hardest part of his class all semester. I was so excited because this was my thing! I had to work in a group of three, and it was obvious the other two students had no experience with presentations. I organized it. I led the making of a PowerPoint. I taught them. We got the best grade in the class!”

When asked if she could give the students of CPS one piece of advice about college, Karina answered, “ I would tell the students to listen carefully to the advice of the teachers. I didn't get it back then, but I do now. I even used my old math notebooks for my college math class.”