Let's spilt up !

What is Mitosis?

Mitosis is the breaking up of your cells (cell division). The main job of this process is to repair cells. Also to make cells grow with your body to stay healthy. The cells involved in this are parent cells and daughter cells. It's mainly parent cells breaking up into daughter cells. The daughter cell should have the same amount of chromosomes in each.

Stages of Mitosis

There are five total stages in Mitosis and they all want the end result to be a repaired cell. The first stage is Interphase, During this time the nucleus is well surrounded but the nuclear envelope. The second stage is Prophase, In this the nucleus has disappeared and the chromatic fibers become chromosomes. The third stage is Metaphase, the centrosomes are at the opposite ends of the cell poles. The fourth stage is Anaphase, In this time the paired chromosomes separate and they move to the poles of the cells. Lastly the final stage is the telophase and in this the microtubes become even longer and chromosomes uncoil. Now mitosis is complete and can start over again and keep on repairing cells!

Why Mitosis is important

Mitosis is essential to our bodies because it is the development of embryos and the growth and development of our bodies. When you get hurt a cell gets hurt so without mitosis you will never get better because the cell can't get better by mitosis. Mitosis keeps you body with the right number of cells that make you function good and normal.