ATTENTION; Watersheds Need Help

by Isabell McNeer


  1. oil spills like the Exon Valdez oil spill in 1989
  2. over fishing

  3. fertilizers

  4. anchors

  5. draining sewage

How Does It Effect Our Ecosystem

This effects our ecosystem by making it harder to breath because there is not a lot of producers to produce oxygen for us to breath. Also if we run out of fish, there will be a lot of people who are not goanna get there main food source. If we ruin all the coral reefs, we will kill almost every species of fish, shrimp, and a lot more probably the whole ocean population or at least a good portion of it.
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This bird is dead because of an oil spill. Can we save it's friends or is it to late?


  1. Dawn soap helps to clean animals that are affected in oil spills
  2. some companies are creating marine sanctuaries
  3. other companies are creating organic fertilizers
  4. People are sinking ships to make artificial reefs
  5. Cartagena Convention is a group that relates directly to domestic waste water and establishes specific regional effluent limitations to what we put in sewage drains.
Cleaning Oil Spills 'Saving Lives' Dawn TV Commercial

I care for the ocean and you should too. It's time we make a difference. WHO'S WITH ME!!!