2015 Year in Review

Ryan S.

Starbucks coffee

Starbucks peaked around 2015 with new drinks and finally started to advertise seriously in 2015. The latte machiatto and the iced coffee were new last year and have helped Starbucks with sales. Starbucks peaked this year at around 19 billion dollars in revenues.


Nike Nike once again marketed very well in 2015. They are always coming out with new shoes and other types of clothing. Nike peaked 2105 with just over 30 billion in revenues.


Marvel marketed their movies really well in 2015. "Avengers age of Ultron" was advertised very early in the year, which built a lot of suspense. From now on, any movie that marvel releases is a must-see.

iphone 6s

the iphone 6s of apple is a new product of 2015. In its first weekend months, the iphone 6s and 6s plus sold more than 13 million in 12 markets.


The ps4 is a fairly new console from sony. Over 6 million ps4's have been sold and around 13.7 million ps4 games have been sold.


Hover boards are useful and fun to use, but lately some hover boards have been blowing up, which is really bad for the product.


In 2015, Volkswagen models were involved with emissions scandals. Volkswagen cheated emissions pollution tests, casting a cloud over the whole industry.


Adele marketed herself without doing that much to do it. She just laid back and watched while her music was becoming very popular. Adele's song "Hello" is played a lot on on radio stations and many people can relate to the sadness of the song, which is a great connection for Adele to have with her fans.I also think its impressive that she hadn't come out with a song until her album in 2015.

The Weeknd

The weeknd is a singer who has gotten very popular in 2015. He marketed well by putting his songs on the top radio stations, non-stop. Its also very impressive that The Weeknd wasn't very known before 2015 by many people.

Top 10 movies of 2015

1.) "Star wars: The force awakens"

2.)"Jurassic world"

3.)"Avengers:Age of Ultron"

4.)"The Martian"


personal improvement goal

This year I want to get mostly A's on my final grade, improve my abilities in basketball, and to just be a better friend and overall person.

Family and Friends goal

In 2016 I want to spend more time with my friends and family than I did in 2015. Also, I plan to say 5-10 nice things to my friend and family every day in 2016.

School and the Outside world goal

In school, I plan to get at least 5 out of 7 A's on my final grade freshman year by working harder to study for upcoming tests. Outside of school, I plan to exercise, get better at basketball, and especially to get better sleep at night. This is my plan for 2016.